WWE News: AJ Styles Believes 'Monday Night Raw' Movie Could Be A 'Phenomenal Opportunity'

WWE News: AJ Styles Believes ‘Monday Night Raw’ Move Could Be A ‘Phenomenal Opportunity’

When Vince McMahon came out on Monday Night Raw this week and announced that next week the WWE would shake things up roster-wise, there were a lot of dream trades that fans started talking about online. One of the big names mentioned as possibly switching brands was former WWE world champion AJ Styles, and he has now made his thoughts about the possibility clear.

After Vince McMahon made the announcement on Monday Night Ra, AJ Styles took to Twitter and seemed excited about the WWE brand shakeup. AJ Styles said that this superstar shakeup could be a “phenomenal opportunity,” playing off his nickname of the Phenomenal One.

There are some huge opportunities that could be there for AJ Styles if he moves over to the Monday Night Raw brand. For one thing, right after making this announcement, Vince McMahon followed up by naming Kurt Angle the new general manager of the show.

According to most reports, the roster shakeup will feature Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan making trades between the two brands and not be an actual second draft. In the past brand split, the roster shakeup was done “randomly” with different wrestlers changing brands with little rhyme or reason.

That actually was a big deal one year when Edge won the WWE world title and then was moved to SmackDown after the fact. Since Edge was taking the world title, it caused a lot of concern. Batista ended up coming out and beating up Edge, and then CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title and keep it on Monday Night Raw.

That was a great story to play off the brand switch for Edge, but this new way seems a little more realistic with Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan trying to work out trades. That is where an AJ Styles move makes the most sense.

WWE News: AJ Styles Believes 'Monday Night Raw' Movie Could Be A 'Phenomenal Opportunity'
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Before WrestleMania 33, AJ Styles was angry that his world title opportunities were taken away and he was forced to jump through hoops to try to get his contracted return match for the world title – one he has never gotten. While it was Daniel Bryan who was screwing him over, he took it out on Shane McMahon and smashed his head through a car window.

After that had happened, Daniel Bryan fired AJ Styles but Shane McMahon wouldn’t allow it and demanded a match with AJ Styles at WrestleMania 33. AJ Styles won, and McMahon gave him all the credit in the world. Despite this, Daniel Bryan has said he does not want AJ Styles on SmackDown Live.

Meanwhile, AJ Styles has a huge history with Kurt Angle, as the two of them had some phenomenal matches in TNA Impact Wrestling. Angle knows how great Styles is, as he also does with Samoa Joe, and there looks to be a good chance that Angle could let their relationship allow him to bring AJ Styles to Monday Night Raw.

WWE News: AJ Styles Believes 'Monday Night Raw' Movie Could Be A 'Phenomenal Opportunity'
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The biggest trade rumor involves Roman Reigns, and Kurt Angle has no history with Roman and owes him nothing. This would really shake up both brands, and AJ Styles could get a fresh start with some amazing matches on Monday Night Raw.

So, what could AJ Styles do on Monday Night Raw? Well, the first idea is that he could join forces with Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens as part of the new faction for Triple H. Another idea could be for AJ Styles to reteam with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and reform The Club.

Both of those could put AJ Styles in a dream feud with Finn Balor, playing off their previous relationship in New Japan Professional Wrestling. It could also open up an even bigger platform for AJ Styles, but no one will know how this all turns out until Monday Night Raw next week when they have the new brand shakeup.

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