Mayte Garcia: Prince's Ex-Wife Said Prince Had Limo Driver Take Her To Hospital After Baby No. 2 Miscarriage

Mayte Garcia: Prince’s Ex-Wife Said Prince Had Limo Driver Take Her To Hospital After Baby No. 2 Miscarriage

Prince and his former wife, Mayte Garcia, suffered a great loss when their son Amir died in October, 1996, only six days after he was born. Now Mayte is revealing more about a second baby that the couple tried to bring into the world and the tragic miscarriage that divided Mayte and Prince over beliefs, as detailed in Mayte’s new book, The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince.

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According to the Daily Mail, Mayte’s book reveals that Mayte became pregnant with a second baby in August, 1997. However, instead of experiencing a healthy pregnancy, Mayte wrote that she began experiencing problems. Keeping her second pregnancy a secret from everyone except Prince and her mother, Mayte had an ultrasound appointment to listen to the baby’s heartbeat on November 19, 1997. Prior to her appointment, Mayte saw blood seeping from her at home, so her hopes of a healthy pregnancy were dashed. She told Prince, but he said nothing and refused to accompany her to the hospital.

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Instead of hearing a heartbeat and being in the clear to share the news of their blessed new pregnancy, Mayte learned the pregnancy wasn’t viable. Mayte would ultimately have a miscarriage on the very first day of her second trimester, a time when many women are considered “out of the woods” and likely will carry to term. However, with Mayte and Prince having had a first child who suffered from a rare condition that took his life, the couple had undergone changes. Prince had become a Jehovah’s Witness in the wake of the death of their first child, and as such, Prince held new beliefs about medical treatments.

Although Mayte was sad to learn that she had miscarried a child, she found sad relief in the fact that the second baby wouldn’t have to suffer through days of pain after being delivered, as their first son may have. However, Mayte had a hard time dealing with how Prince reacted when Mayte began bleeding for one week during the miscarriage, and the doctors advised her to have a D&C operation.

Prince didn’t approve of the medical procedure, thinking it was against God’s will due to his newfound faith as a Jehovah’s Witness. When Mayte insisted that she heed the advice of doctors, since she was bleeding heavily and risking death, Prince became cold and distant towards Mayte, ignoring her.

Mayte was 24 at the time, and Prince was 39, and they had just experienced the second heartbreaking loss of a child. Mayte sobbed at the miscarriage while Prince fled to the studio. Mayte went to spend time with her mother, to receive some much-needed compassion and nurturing. When Prince told her not to get the D&C, he said that nature would take its course if she let it. Either you have faith or you don’t, Prince told Mayte. However, doctors feared that Mayte could bleed to death.

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Mayte wasn’t risking her life nor her fertility for a Jehovah’s Witness faith she didn’t believe in. Even though Mayte begged Prince to come to the hospital with her for the operation, Prince refused, and had his limo driver take her instead. Prince fled to the studio after that miscarriage, just like when he fled the couple’s home only one day after getting their son’s ashes. Mayte didn’t necessarily get a chance to say goodbye to their son, since Prince didn’t wake her up when their newborn died in the hospital as Mayte was sleeping. In her grief, Mayte took to her bed and cried with her son’s urn, cradling it for days.

On Good Morning America, as seen in the above video, Mayte described telling Prince that she was pregnant as one of the best memories she had of him.

“Oh, man, telling him I was pregnant. He was watching a game or something and I remember calling him over and he wouldn’t come over and I was like, hey, and he looked at me and when I told him his face was like — it was amazing. It was funny.”

The above video displays the opening audio of The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince narrated by Mayte. Mayte opens the book with a rumination about Prince’s lyrics in his song, “Paisley Park.” As reported by Google Play, the lyrics speak of a woman who sits alone, upset due to her naughty husband. Mayte wondered if the song were about her, even though it was released in 1985 and Mayte was born in 1973, making her only a 12-year-old when it was released. However, Mayte and Prince spoke of feeling like soul mates, and Prince probably practiced prophetic prescience with his words.

“There is a woman who sits
All alone by the pier
Her husband was naughty
And caused his wife so many tears
He died without knowing forgiveness
And now she is sad, so sad
Maybe she’ll come to the park
And forgive him
And life won’t be so bad
In Paisley Park”

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