Create Easter baskets with real grass

Create Easter Baskets With Real Grass With These Photos, Videos, And Tutorials

Creating Easter baskets with real grass is a unique and creative way to add a special touch to the holiday. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to make one-of-a-kind Easter baskets with real grass, and there are plenty of photos, videos, and tutorials to guide you along. The baskets look great, and kids get a kick out of having real grass in their Easter baskets. You’ll want to set aside approximately two weeks to ensure that your grass is sprouted and at a great length for adding candy, toys, and other Easter items to the basket.

The site Mudpie Mamas has an easy-to-follow tutorial that demonstrates the process step-by-step, and it really isn’t difficult to grow real grass for your Easter baskets.

The site Gimme the Good Stuff also has a post about growing real grass for Easter baskets and points out the non-toxic aspects of using natural grass. Many families are opting for alternatives to artificial grass due to health reasons. The photo below is an example of wheat grass and the post includes a video demonstration. Included in the tutorial is natural egg dye as opposed to using artificial coloring for eggs that are often eaten later. If you’re looking for natural Easter baskets and eggs, consider adding real grass. You can watch the video tutorial for the wheat grass Easter basket below.

The process if fairly simple, and you’ll need baskets, a piece of plastic for the bottom of the basket to serve as a liner (a cut piece from a garbage bag works fine), potting soil, fast-growing or quick grass seeds such as wheat grass, paper towels, and water. Put the piece of plastic at the bottom of your basket and then add potting soil. Before adding the seeds to the dirt, you’ll want to lay the seeds on paper towels, mist them, and cover them. Leave the seeds damp and covered overnight as this helps them sprout quickly. Once your seeds are damp, put them in the top layer of dirt, covering them lightly. Cover them with damp paper towels and wait. Within very little time, they will sprout, and soon they’ll grow several inches. Quick-growing grass seeds sprout very fast, and you’ll have a basket full of real grass on Easter Sunday morning.

Here are some more photos of real Easter grass in baskets with candy, toys, and eggs.

Easter baskets aren’t just for children as many pet owners give baskets with treats to their pets. Easter grass is also a good choice for pet owners who want to give a treat such as catnip to their cats. You can grow catnip in Easter baskets and make a suitable basket for your pet.

Although there are many reasons people choose real grass for Easter baskets, such as the organic value, to reduce mess from artificial grass, and to have a treat for pets, the real benefit is the look. Easter baskets with real grass simply look better than those with fake grass. Easter is a secular and religious holiday but both aspects celebrate spring and renewal. There is nothing like watching real grass spring to life in an Easter basket to fully comprehend the meaning of regeneration, birth, and growth.

This Easter basket not only uses real grass but is adorned with real flowers as well. It’s a beautiful depiction of spring and adds a decorative, floral touch.

This Easter basket not only uses real grass but has an Easter tree that is decorated. It is a beautiful centerpiece, and the jars with real grass are also nice decorations.

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