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Fixer Upper Rumors: Chip And Joanna Ranked The Top Christian Couple, Faith-Based Companies Rejoice

Chip and Joanna Gaines have become one of the most beloved couples on television, and the latest Fixer Upper rumors suggest that they’re ranked as such by quite a few groups.

With the reports that the couple will be getting their own spin-off shows and the rumors that additional spin-off shows will take place in other cities with new hosts, the couple is definitely enjoying a wave of success. And their fans are responding by giving them all the love they can and by giving them top marks in various polls.

According to CBN News‘ latest round of Fixer Upper rumors, the publication ran a poll called “Faith and Fandom” to see which celebrities were the most popular among the devout Christians. And in their poll, they discovered that Chip and Joanna Gaines were at the top of the list. Chip, who frequently mentions how much of a devout Christian he is, came in at number 1, while Joanna came in at number 8.

“As the impact of faith-based consumers increases, it is imperative that agencies and studios understand which celebrities to utilize in campaigns, as they increasingly target this audience,” the E-Poll blog reported.”

And, per the latest Fixer Upper rumors from Faithwire, this caused a lot of Christians to rejoice, especially after they were so publicly attacked by people who criticized them for their beliefs.

In November of last year, the Gaines’ were the subject of a Buzzfeed article that denounced their association with a Biblical pastor who publicly condemned homosexuality. At the time, many fans were wondering if Chip and Joanna, themselves, were homophobic.

The couple broke their silence by saying that they refused to be “baited” by these lies.

Chip further went on to say that sometimes he and Joanna don’t see eye to eye on things, and that’s okay. Many fans took that to mean that Joanna had a more liberal, accepting view of homosexuality than Chip’s less progressive views.

But in a blog posted on the Magnolia Market’s homepage, Chip himself addressed those Fixer Upper rumors and made it clear that regardless of his religious convictions, he and his wife and family loved everyone equally.

He also said that he and his family were “bridge builders” and worked with everyone, no matter their differences.

“Our family wants to fight for a world that knows how to lovingly disagree. We believe it starts when we operate from a position of love in all things. If your position only extends love to the people who agree with you, we want to respectfully challenge that position. We propose operating with a love so real and true that you are willing to roll up your sleeves and work alongside the very people that are most unlike you.”

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