Armed Suspects Tie Up Target Workers, Rob Store Without Anyone Noticing

Armed suspects nailed a bag full of Black Friday cash from a Union City, New Jersey Target on Friday evening. The suspects tied up three employees in the cash room and walked out with the money long before any of the other staff at Target knew what was going on according to

The robbery started when two suspects hid in the Target until the store closed at a full crew was stocking shelves for Black Friday sales said Union Township Police Lt. Robert Perez. When the suspects saw an employee headed towards the cash room they forced him inside at gunpoint.

Perez told a media briefing:

“They had been in the store for quite some time.”

As two more employees walked in with register drawers full of cash they were forced to the ground at gun point and tied them up. The gunmen walked out the store by way of the front door and it wasn’t until after one of the employees was able to untie himself that he reported the robbery.

Authorities are searching for the suspects, but were not able to immediately provide full descriptions for them. Perez said they both wore masks and carried at least one handgun.

There was a second robbery in Union township that evening following a similar pattern at the Harbor Freight Tools on Route 22. In the Harbor Freight Tools robbery four armed men entered the store and tied up five employees before running out with an undisclosed amount of cash. The police do not believe the robberies are related.