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Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Wants Him To Pay Her Legal Bills

Dwight Howard

Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard and former girlfriend Royce Reed are in court over a bitter custody battle about their son — and it’s getting very expensive.

Because Howard presumably has unlimited spending power, Reed — formerly seen on VH1’s Basketball Wives reality show — apparently wants Howard to pay her lawyers as well as his own pursuant to a court motion filed in Florida. Her legal bill could be as much as $100K or more before it’s all said and done.

TMZ explains that Howard is seeking sole custody of his son, but the legal battle may not be fought on a level playing field from Reed’s point of view:

“According to the docs, Royce claims that Dwight rakes in over $1.3 million per month and should cough up the cash, otherwise, the fight’s not fair. She claims he can hire an army of lawyers … while she’ll get buried in bills and eventually have to drop out.

“In the docs, her lawyer says she’s already racked up a $44,113.50 bill and is expected to tack on another $60k plus if she continues to fight … for a grand total of $106,621.80.”

Dwight Howard was traded from the Orlando Magic (where he had spent his entire career) to the Lakers in August 2012.

When it comes a contentious legal struggle in family court over alimony, child support, or custody, the lawyers often come out as the only winners, unfortunately, because the meter is running. Generally speaking, the law presumes — at least until the evidence proves otherwise — that joint custody rather than sole custody is appropriate.

Do you think that the party with the most money and/or enjoys the most celebrity status has an unfair advantage in a lawsuit?

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45 Responses to “Dwight Howard’s Baby Mama Wants Him To Pay Her Legal Bills”

  1. Xristianxon Jamex

    Why are you PRESUMING that he should have to "pay up"? Why are you PRESUMING he should NOT have custody? Why are you brainwashed by feminism? I hope you're not a father…seem like a simp who just bows down to motherhood, feminism, women, period and don't like the thought of a dude "manning up" and fighting for custody. You're what's wrong with our feminized, emasculated, castrated country.

  2. CoCo Thankugod Wilson

    If He is suing Her for sole custody and She does not have the finances to support a proper defense then yes He should pay her legal fees. He can more than afford it! Nobody told him to have a child by a random woman who is not financially on his level! I'm sick of these athletes and muscians knocking these women up, crying about child support and then suing for sole custody, not because the child is better off, but because they decide that it's cheaper!

  3. Michael Watford

    So, if she struggling with Attorney Fees; How is she going to take care of there Kid.
    Oh yea, she probably ask Dwight for a Million a Month as well.

  4. Tracie Mercer

    "(Children are generally better off with fathers after a family is broken anyway)." That's not a very intelligent comment. EVERY family's situation is different.

  5. Zia Paul

    She used to be a professional cheerleader for the Orlando Magic, which is how they met. You said no one told him to have a child, but no one told her to have a child either. It takes two to get pregnant, so the blame isn't solely on him. Athletes pay insane amounts of money for child support, so what are you complaining about? Some of these women continuing to ask for more and more money as if the THOUSANDS they get can't support a child.

  6. Sham Lee

    Xristianxon Jamex Exactly….guys like that is whats wrong with America….she is fighting him in Court then let her pay her own way.

  7. Jeanette Sole

    don't be ridiculous, it's a CHILD, not a ticket! One that she has taken care of for years. She loves him and guess what i'm sure the child loves his mother. That's just dumb (and selfish) to take a child away from it's mother just because you don't wanna pay anymore. She was a professional cheerleader but she had to quit for having a relationship w/Dwight. he didn't have to quit his job, tho.

  8. Daniel Richardson

    -__- yeah he should pay her because women arent gold diggers…. and she had no plans of gettin pregnant with his kid.. so she can get his money. Which is something a lot of rats do… even with guys that arent rich. You talk as if she had no ulterior motives. Feminist up here trying to place all the blame on him… bashing fathers on the sly at the same time. Get out of here with that mess… your biased.

    Why dose she need all that money in the fist place? You really think she going to spend it all on her kid… i bet she wont.. she'll take that money, and buy everything and use the kid as an excuse. Its like what Europeans did when they conquored indginous poeple… they did all in the name of god… use the bible as a scape goat.

    Both are at fault… but he happens to have more money and is going to get the child, which in my opinion is good…esp in the black community.

  9. Daniel Richardson

    Well she was stupid for quittin her job then.. her fault…and the Mothers role in a childs life is not more important than the fathers… which is what im gettin at from yo comment. She had her time with kids… now its time for his.

  10. Daniel Richardson

    the kids love her… yeah she brainwashed the kids.. into loving her and hatin him… happens all the time. I was like that… i came up in a divorced home. My parents would argue with me over stupid stuff… like whether i should wash my hands with hot or cold water… they disagreed on that…and i sided with my mother because obviously i was around her more

  11. Charles Crowe

    LOL and its two women saying he should foot the bill. Pathetic. Bitch cant afford to raise the kid so how is it cruel to take them away from him but not from her when she is the one that is poor? The child would be better off with the person earning the money not the one leaching it. LOL what does that teach the kid? If its a boy that no matter what you do someone will come and take it and a girl would learn to do that to a guy if she can so she can get a free ride. It's nice to see the bias against men is dying but women arent going to give it up without a fight. If you worked as hard at making money as you did leaching it, you could pay your own attorney fees. BTW wont the state appoint one for her if she cant pay? Of course they will

  12. Charles Crowe

    Tracie Mercer Actually its very intelligent but since you are a woman you wont agree with it even though you cant post a single shred of proof that he is wrong.

  13. Peter Collazo

    LOL like it matters! This child is at stake and i dont understand why the mother just let Dwight keep the kid. She even stated that she isnt financially fit. At least make the effort to admit she is asking for money over herself.

  14. Phil Murphy

    Why shouldn't he want sole custody of his child? Wouldn't you? What if he can provide a better and more stable life for the child than she can? That is all that should be discussed. Who provides the better life. Spare me the "he travels because of work" he works 5 months out of the year and half of that time is spent in his home city.

  15. Alicia IknowmorethanUthink Myers

    so funny how everyone got so much to say , I say they both at fault dude you knew the chicks was going to be on you why not make sure she got nothing but a good feeling by using protection. Same advice to her , now look ya'll two to busy fighting to see that the baby is the one who hurts the most…Men and women do better so we don't have these kid's hurting for our dumb ass decisons.

  16. Shea Ehlert

    Unfortunately i have watched a few episodes of Basketball Wive's and these woman hunt for athletes and they admit it on TV. Some have more then 1 kid with multiple athletes. They receive more money in 1 yr's child support then doctors make in a year. These woman are nasty ppl and are willing to show it. They have talked about how their guys think they are on birth control and admit they are on nothing. All the woman on the show have nannies and no jobs.

  17. Anonymous

    Paying for her legal bills is stupid. Why would he pay 100,000 so that if she wins he can pay her millions in child support. This sounds like an Obama plan of attack take away money from people earning it so people that aren't can take advantage. The only reason she wants custody is so she can collect child support. If people can't see that then there are more blinded then I thought. Why didn't Michael Jackson pay the attorney fees for the kids accusing him of molesting them. This is just stupid!

  18. Thomas Nance

    When are these athletes going to start using condoms? Most of these women are just looking for a meal ticket and you'd think athletes would would EVENTUALLY get smart to that. The fact that she was on Basketball "wives" only proves my point. #HOFOSHO

  19. Anna Kole

    She should just be happy with the kid and child support and work away out for joint custody… for the child's sake

  20. CoCo Thankugod Wilson

    I'm not placing the blame on just him,it takes to to tango,what i'm saying is,he is an athlete making millions of dollars,he can afford to have the best lawyers money can buy and sue for sole custody! If she doesnt have the funds to defend the right to keep her child,(case and point: Usher and Tameka Raymond),then he is allowed to just walk away with the child,because he has more money than her? How is that fair?He is the one suing her for sole!not joint but Sole custody,he has a pricey legal team to do so,he should pay for a proper defense for her as well if she cannot afford it. It's only fair!

  21. Daniel Richardson

    Yes you were..and its not just her child. Yes he is…and maybe she should of thought about before she opened her legs…and Sole Custody is bad enough.. Joint custody would be even worse.

    Unless you have grew up in a divorced home… you wont truly understand why… and if your parents never married thats still diff because visitation is not mandatory. Its a double life…esp if both the parents hate each other… its not fun at all its a terrible way to come up,much harder to make life long friends….and as you get older it henders you… and prevents you from doing things in the summer that your peers would be doing.. to progress. The person you haft to go visit everything.. that lives in another becomes a henderance. Ive lived it

  22. Daniel Richardson

    spell check ever year…. that lives in another state 8-10 hours…

  23. Anonymous

    people like this make me hate mindless breeders even more. if you don't want to take care of it, don't birth it, if you can't feed it, don't breed it, and if you can't stay away from gold-digging whores, keep it in your goddamn pants. all these crazy women -want- when they pork a celebrity is MONEY. it's her greed that's racking up court-fees, it's obvious she doesn't give a damn about her kid, she just wants to be a TV diva and lay hands on a fat wallet. these brain-dead sports celebrities who make more money in one year than 50 poor families see in a decade for doing something a trained seal could need to be reminded not to stick it in crazy and if you're going to -breed- take CARE of it.

  24. Eric CoDee Cody

    Dwight is bringing this case against Royce. A case Reed doesn't have the money to fight equally against her multi-millionaire, childs' father. Regardless of the outcome, which for the child I hope is joint custody, Reed should be awarded a parity compensation for her legal expenses. They wouldn't exist if Dwight wasn't seeking sole custody in the first place. This is fair in my personal opinion.

  25. Otis Cleophas Ford

    Shiddddd it is bout time for the guys to start winning Cuzz y'all women have been getting the fuck over since the beginning of time. So it is not his fault he is a superstar Basketball Player what is his fault is knocking up a chick not on his level. And what child needs 50k a month WTF 50k a month just because I make 1.3 mil a month. Where is the since in that. As a father u take care of your CHILD you provide for your child bottom line. But 50k a month what do he need that 50k a month NOTHING she pocketing his money like she got the talent. It is bout the child period. I hope they run up a 500,000 bill on her ass n then lose her son to Dwight period. Really chick don't fuck with niggas with money period get ya life fucked up

  26. Blade Brown

    She better hope they keep her on basketball wives … And if u were getting 50k a months then u should have a stash smh

  27. Aaron Griffin

    I don't care about these tri filling bitches running to child support for the paper first of all they say we ain't shit but we the ones with the jobs they get on section 8 with low rent Vouchers and assistance with directional cards ,and stamps. Frig and cabinet are stocked like fucking Sams Club but they don't use the money for supporting the child they use it for what ever reason and when they send him or her too you the child looks like they dressed like a Orphan. Raggedy clothes , need shoes , small ass coat that don't fit. So your forced to buy shit on top of that. That's Sad cause the mother is Double Dipping and Child Support also getting there Fucking cutt, which makes a hard working father not wanna do shit. But how could a father going threw that tell his child, I can't do anything for you , your mom gets C, Support Money. That relationship between the father and the child will ultimately be destroyed cause of the system. these bitches run too in order to live good and not work.. Bum ass bitches

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