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Minnesota Man Kills Teen Burglars, Hides Their Bodies In His Basement

Teens Shot On Thanksgiving

Little Falls, MN – A man reportedly shot and killed two teenage burglars and hid their bodies in his basement before alerting the police, according to ABC News.

Morrison County Sheriff’s Office paid a visit to the home of 64-year-old Byron David Smith after someone reported seeing some suspicious activity around the man’s place of residence. It was at this time that Smith said he had shot two teenagers who attempted to break into his home on Thanksgiving Day.

The body of an 18-year-old female and a 17-year-old male were found inside Smiths’ basement. Although police have yet to officially release the names of the teenagers, sources have stated that the victims were cousins Nicholas Brady and Haile Kifer. Brady’s classmates explained that his involvement in the alleged burglar isn’t altogether surprising.

According to WDIO, Byron David Smith was quick to tell police about the incident. He explained that the shooting took place around noon on Thursday

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension explained that authorities have charged the Minnesota man with second degree manslaughter for shooting the teenagers and hiding their bodies in the basement.

Although Smith says that he was acting in self defense, police believe that he may have crossed the line in terms of protecting himself from intruders.

“A person has every right to defend themselves and their homes, even employing deadly force if necessary,” Sheriff Michel Wetzel remarked. “Circumstances of this case however, led deputies to believe that Smith went beyond that point.”

Officials explained that more details regarding the Minnesota shooting of two teenagers on Thanksgiving Day will likely be released following Smith’s appearance in court on Monday.

What do you think should happen to the Minnesota man who shot two alleged burglars on Thanksgiving Day? Do you believe this is a simple case of self defense?

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5 Responses to “Minnesota Man Kills Teen Burglars, Hides Their Bodies In His Basement”

  1. Megan Hamilton

    If you are going to attempt to report the news ACCURACY is key. The bodies of these two criminals were not hidden in the basement. Both of the burglars were killed after they BROKE INTO a house and were coming down the basement stairs.

  2. Bentley Ray Knotts

    WELL,, citizens aren't trained to know how much force to use when someone breaks into their home. If someone breaks into my home I am not going to shoot to wound. I am going to kill them. No idea why the dumbass hid the bodies though.he should get 30 days in jail for being an idiot and hiding the bodies.

  3. Jan Wiese

    I am also not going to take a chance that they will jump me before I can stop them. If burglars are in my home, I will shoot them, but with no basement, I won't hide the bodies. I will call the police so quick, begging them to hurry to my home. If burglars don't want to die, they should stay home or be at work.

  4. Allan John Moore

    I'm trying to put myself in Byyron Daviid Smiths place.I Would have been up the stairs the minute I heard the glass break and stopped them in their tracks,and used my Cell phone to call police.Even if they ran,I've seen them and can identify them to police.I see no reason to assinate Two Unarmed teenagers.As I see it counting families there are two dead and 5 other lives ruined.I'm shocked and depressed at the citizen who said he can't wait to "piss on their Graves".What Smith Committed was a HATE CRIME.THe sentence of the Court was Just.{life in prison without Parole}.I am an adult.I kknow I can handle a teenage boy and girl breaking into my house without shooting them 9 times. allan j moore RN

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