Extreme Couponer gets punched in face by store manager

Extreme Couponer Allegedly Punched In The Face By Store Manager [Video]

Germantown, TN — Extreme couponing got extremely violent at a Dollar Tree Store, and it wasn’t even Black Friday.

Two friends tried to buy a bunch of stuff at the store with their coupon collection but the fed-up manager reportedly claimed it was too much to handle and that the duo were harassing her.

The manager refused to honor any more of their coupons, at which point the shoppers pushed record on their cell phones. The manager concluded the transaction by saying “I guess you better make like water and get to running,” according to ABC News. But the disagreement didn’t end there.

Melissa Mozzo-Mart gathered up her coupons and started to leave, when the manager allegedly rushed up behind her and allegedly socked her in the eye as apparently shown in the video below. The manager has been charged with misdemeanor assault according to ABC.

A sign posted in the Dollar Tree store indicates that it does accept coupons. Dollar Tree executives are investigating the incident which occurred the day before Thanksgiving.

Buying large amounts of groceries by clipping coupons has gained prominence in part through the reality show on the TLC network. As Kim LaCapria of The Inquistr has previously discussed, the shows are equal parts inspiring and maddening to shoppers who watch and do wish they could bring home a cart full of deodorant and diapers for negative $1.16, yet resent what seems to be a wasteful obsession that not only sweeps product from store shelves, but also creates a bit of in-line hassle for non-extreme shoppers who just need milk and bread.

But in this incident, Mozzo-Mart’s friend Jennifer Hill simply said “we were trying to save a little money.”

Watch the video of the alleged assault on the extreme couponer by the Dollar Tree store manager: