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Coach Suffers Seizure, Jerry Kill Resting Comfortably At Home

Coach Suffers Seizure During Michigan State Game

Minnesota men’s football coach Jerry Kill is resting comfortably at home after the coach suffered a seizure during his team’s Saturday match against Michigan State.

Fans didn’t realize that coach Kill had a seizure until it was revealed during a press briefing following the game.

Jerry Kill did not return to the game following halftime, and the Minnesota staff did not reveal his exit until the fourth quarter. At the time of announcing the coach’s exit, team officials did not give a reason for his departure.

After the game, Fox’s Tyler Mason tweeted:

“#Gophers coach Jerry Kill did have a seizure at the end of halftime, the school announced.”

We reported on Coach Kill’s seizure on Saturday when athletic director Norwood Teague explained:

“I know this will bring up questions about him and moving forward, but we have 100 percent confidence in Jerry … He’s as healthy as a horse, as they say. It’s just an epileptic situation … that he deals with. He has to continue to monitor all the simple things in life that we all have to monitor, in that you watch your diet, watch your weight, watch your rest, watch your stress.”

The coach suffers seizures from time-to-time because of his own health concerns, and his university administration has continued to stand beside his coaching abilities.

Jerry Kill was at home less than 24 hours after suffering from a seizure, a good sign that he will quickly recover and return to his team’s roster.

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7 Responses to “Coach Suffers Seizure, Jerry Kill Resting Comfortably At Home”

  1. Joe Lent

    After observing the coaches of several sports, I wonder why they all don't suffer heart attacks, strokes, seizures, etc. They should all have ulcers and irritated colons. The coaching profession is a dumb vocation. But, at least, coach's kids get see many different schools like military kids.

  2. Kendra Barber Saal

    So what happened to knowing what you are talking about before you actually write it!

  3. Danyelle Mickaelian-Baker

    So many athletes suffer from post concussion syndrome and deal with TBI's. If it is not epileptic purhaps he has PNES?

  4. Kathy Donohue

    A epeliptic seizure? That's what I have also. I use to have a dog that could tell when I was going to have a seizure. I'll keep you in prayer if you'd like?

  5. Tina Kirby Snyder

    Thank God for that staff at MN! Standing behind that coach! He's a lucky man they could have just swept it underneath the rug and instead they brought awareness to it in a healthy way. I too suffer from Epileptic seizures but am still able to work thank goodness. Unable to drive, but able to work thankfully but many many people it affects. I think its like 1 in 6 people have some sort of seizure disorder in their lifetimes.

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