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7 Year Old Takes Medical Marijuana In Oregon

Medical Marijuana

Portland, Oregon — A 7 year old girl who is suffering from leukemia has become the youngest person yet to be treated with medical marijuana. The girl’s mother gives her marijuana pills to counteract the effects of chemotherapy but her father worries it may affect her brain development.

Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with leukemia last spring. Her mother gives her one gram of marijuana oil in order to counteract the effects of the chemotherapy on her body. Marijuana is a potent treatment which restrores the ability to eat and not vomit. One of the worst side effects of chemo therapy is wasting syndrome from lack of food and heavy nausea.

Mykayla’s mother tells the Oregonian that without medical marijuana her daughter wouldn’t be in remission right now.

Erin Purchase, Mykayla’s mother said:

“As a mother, I am going to try anything before she can potentially fall on the other side.”

Mykaylas says that the drug makes her feel funny, saying:

“It helps me eat and sleep. The chemotherapy makes you feel like you want to stay up all night long.”

Mykayla’s father was so disturbed by his daughters use of marijuana that he called her oncologist and child protective services. Jesse Comstock, Mykayla’s father, said:

“She was stoned out of her mind. All she wanted to do was lay on the bed and play video games.”

Comstock said that he noticed his daughter acting funny on their last visit together and had her tested for toxins. The lab results showed the level of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in levels usually seen in chronic adult users.

Gladstone police went to see Mykala’s mother and inspected her paperwork which revealed that she was advised to use it by a physician, which rendered a police investigation useless.

Comstock, is not against medical marijuana but worries about his daughter’s use because she is under 16.

Comstock said:

“She’s not terminally ill. She is going to get over this, and with all this pot, they are going to hinder her brain growth. It’s going to limit her options in life because of the decisions her mother has made for her.”

Purchase said that the use of marijuana has helped her fight the leukemia and return her to a sense of normally. Purchase said:

“She’s like she was before. She’s a normal kid.”

Do you agree with giving medical marijuana to a 7 year old?

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17 Responses to “7 Year Old Takes Medical Marijuana In Oregon”

  1. Rebecca Sousa

    I shudder to think what pharmaceuticals would do to her brain and body.

  2. Kush Keety

    Even though marijuana can also potential mental side effects, for better or worst. I love how people are so quick to shun marijuana, when we are prescribing amphetamines like adderal to children regularly and I'm sure with cancer she has also been offered opiates like morphine. If it better someone's quality of life, I'm all for it.

  3. Chris Watt

    She needs to be given lower doses of thc, it wouldn't hinder the effects much and it would relieve some of the heavier side effects

  4. Chris Watt

    Kush Keety, I 100% stand by you with that, if she was my own id want her receiving thc over adderol or morphines any given day of the week. I've seen horrible thIngs happen to children and elderly on phamesuticals

  5. Joseph Tolman

    Marijuana is harmless, everyone knows this. Prohibition is anything but harmless, it is simply welfare for law enforcement. Having cops enforce bad laws accomplishes nothing but lowering people's respect for law enforcement. Some people wonder why no one respects the police anymore and there is your answer. They choose to lobby for prohibition because it is free money for them, they just lose the people's respect in the process.

  6. Joey Ismail

    I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion. THC is the least of this little girls worries. Compared to the radiation and pills, THC wouldn't be anywhere near the top of my concerns. Cannabis is the only nontoxic drug found on earth, its hard to get up in arms about it.

  7. Dan Burke

    It would be interesting to follow up on this in 15 years to see how this all turned out. Her view thoughts and her mental development.. My bet would be it's all positive. The outlaw of a natural healing herb is in itself appalling. It should be legal to use.. any way you wish. IMHO. However, anything being done at this early of an age… should be done with the advice and observation of a doctor.

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