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Marc Anthony’s Orphanage Visit Emotional, Singer Chokes Back Tears

marc anthony orphanage DR 2012

Marc Anthony’s work with an orphanage in the Dominican Republic has given abandoned children at the residence something to be thankful for, as the singer has pledged a large sum of money to rebuild the Children of Christ home in La Romana.

Marc Anthony’s orphanage outreach culminated Friday with a visit by the former Mr. Jennifer Lopez to the Dominican Republic. While most of us were out snagging deals for Black Friday, Anthony was in the city of La Romana for a groundbreaking ceremony at the site.

Some of the two million plus fans of the singer were apprised of Marc Anthony’s orphanage work this weekend, when the Latin star posted some pics at the groundbreaking as well as a message about his work — in both English and Spanish.

On his Facebook page, Marc Anthony said of the orphanage’s progress:

“What a special morning! Today is the beginning of a new phase for the children in need in the Dominican Republic. In the process of building their new home.”

ABC 23 detailed some of the projects that can now move ahead with the donation from Maestro Cares, an organization Anthony founded that pledged the funding for the orphanage:

“The Latin singer formed the Maestro Cares foundation with Chicago, Illinois businessman Henry Cardenas earlier this year (12) and charity officials have now pledged to provide the $200,000 needed for the addition of a residence hall, classrooms and a baseball field for the Children of Christ kids’ home in La Romana.”

marc anthony orphanage

As Marc Anthony visited with the orphanage’s children, he is said to have fought back tears when a 12-year-old boy who lives at the home, Miguel Angel Gomez, thanked him and said:

“Thanks for remembering that we’re human beings too …thanks to everyone here for being with us on an afternoon that is so wonderful and important for us … may God bless you.”

Anthony attended the orphanage’s groundbreaking with girlfriend and model Shannon de Lima.

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5 Responses to “Marc Anthony’s Orphanage Visit Emotional, Singer Chokes Back Tears”

  1. Patricia Killough

    I never, ever thought of Mark Anthony as "Mr. Jennifer Lopez." I thought of him as a singer and a good father of twins. That was a low blow, Kim LaCapria, and totally undeserved!

  2. Dixie Miller

    Kim you have absolutely no class referring to a man doing something good with his money as "Mr. Jennifer Lopez". He is an individual with an outstanding voice, a good father evidently a very good man. Grow up Kim.

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