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Florida Gators Fan’s Creepy Stare Video Is Mesmerizing

Florida Gators Fan Creepy Stare Video Mesmerizing

Creepy stares are typically the hallmark of a horror movie. During the South Carolina game versus the Florida Gators the camera zooms in on the world’s creepiest fan eyeballing ESPN with the blankest stare ever. This guy’s team must be losing because his mesmerizing icy black pits seem to reach through the screen and down into my soul, whispering that all is in not right in the world.

Here is a link to an animated GIF version of the video for your enjoyment…and creepy forum posting!

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47 Responses to “Florida Gators Fan’s Creepy Stare Video Is Mesmerizing”

  1. Anonymous

    I thought I saw a story about a year ago very similar to this, about a kid who does "this" and winds up getting noticed as a result. I'm not sure if its the same kid, but seems like the same schtick.

  2. Anonymous

    I think he just doesn't care, babies get this look when theyre peeing their pants, probably going over all the dates that turned him down lately. Definitely zoned out.

  3. Anonymous

    The 2016 Republican Candidate for President, hey he's got more personality then Mitt.

  4. Russell Mantz

    I just realized I am the only dude here except for the clown with the big ears.

  5. Anonymous

    Perhaps he is doing his best impression of Mitt Romney on election night OR better yet, maybe he is a Shitt Dumbney supporter watching the election night results with others who are NOT Romney supporters.

  6. Robenson Thai

    or maybe he just drank too much and needs to vomit. his face is blue.

  7. Amber Berglund

    He looks like he's autistic you dumbasses. Why pick on people who can't help themselves?

  8. Roland S. Burritt

    While it looks fake (and some may say "creepy") this actually looks like a typical absence seizure. Epilepsy is a very real condition that everyone should familiarize themselves with.

  9. Anonymous

    Anyone with a soul can see that asshole is a terrorist in the making from the Middle East. U of Florida should check him out right now.

  10. Renae Rowlay

    It is a seizure, but most American's do not sensitize themselves to other people's plights anymore…

  11. Anonymous

    One more example of American media thinking there is nothing better to cover than crap. Desperation! I'm in school for Editing and I'm telling all of you this is desperation for media acknowledgement. "Dirty laundry". The poor kid is either superimposed, was paid off, or is autistic. If he had nothing to do with the media coverage, I hope he sues! FIND A REAL STORY! Something important!

  12. June Wager-Smith

    Must be a REALLY SLOW news day so the story will no doubt be on the front page of the New York Times tomorrow. The guy is obviously just thinking about something else for the moment (and the guy to his left doesn't look that excited either). Big Deal!

  13. Shandorf Cindy

    reminds me of my ex intimidating look – oh I remember now that's how he always looked PSYCHOTIC.

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