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Terrell Owens Sells Georgia Condo At Almost $150K Loss

T.O. sells Atlanta condo at $150k loss

Atlanta, GA — Terrell Owens has sold his Georgia condo at nearly half of what he paid for it.

The 1,060 square-foot Atlanta condo is the latest of Owens’ real estate property to be sold. He has previously sold homes in Miami and Dallas. The Dallas condo was sold for $350,000 less than Owens bought it for in 2008 when he was still with the Cowboys.

Owens was sued by Deutsche National Bank in April, when it claimed he hadn’t made any payments in six months and still owed $1.47 million on the Miami property. He bought the condo for $1.55 million in 2006.

Owens had been making monthly payments of $5,126 until last November, when the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League announced that they had extended a six-figure contract to Owens to play for the team in 2012. On January 18, he announced on Twitter that he accepted the offer. He was released on May 29.

Owens bought the Atlanta condo in 2005 for $324,600, and listed it in 2011. It sat on the market for over a year, but the unemployed football player finally managed to sell it earlier this month — at only $180,000.

The condo has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a 24/7 concierge service, rooftop pool, yoga studio, and fitness center.

Terrell Owens was turned by three teams earlier this month: the New York Jets, the Minnesota Vikings, and the Detroit Lions. He had signed a one-year, $925,000 contract with the Seattle Seahawks on August 6. Twenty days later, he announced on his Twitter account that he had been released.

Do you think T.O. will ever get another job in the NFL?

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7 Responses to “Terrell Owens Sells Georgia Condo At Almost $150K Loss”

  1. Rbmeoe Smythe

    This is what happens when you get "too big for your britches!" Owens could have been a HoF player but choose to be a self centered idiot. His great skill was only outshined by his great ego. Now, even though he may have some skill left, his reputation will always be that of a malcontent and troublemaker, someone who is a cancer to a teams cohesiveness. NO team wants that kind of player around, no matter how talented they may be. And no sympathy for his money problems. He made millions and then wasted them, thinking he would always be in demand. Too bad T.O. It looks like the biggest opponent you ever faced was your own big mouth!

  2. Victor Nin

    Terrell Owens is poor.He's not broke, he's poor.He made over $80 million dollars in his playing career and today he has little to show for.Broke is having no money and some point in your life.Poor is doing things with money that lead you to lose it all.Multiple children with multiple women, stupid investments, stupid jewelry.Stupid.Take all the wealth in America from the rich and give it to the poor.In a week, the wealthy will have 90% of their money back.Why? because the poor do not understand the value of it, and will squander it, and worse, are not equipped to gain it back.It's that simple.

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