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NFL Replay Rule Change Revisits Lions ‘Excessive’ Penalty [Video]

NFL Replay Rule Change Revisits Lions 'Excessive' Penalty

A NFL replay rule change revisits the recent Lions recent loss to the Texans after a penalty potentially cost the Detroit team the Thanksgiving Day football game. The NFL replay rule change will reconsider the rule that negated using video replay to confirm a Houston Texans touchdown which led to a 34-31 overtime victory. NFL officials are now saying the NFL replay rule ”may be too harsh” and will be re-examined immediately.

As previously reported on The Inquisitr, the Detroit Lions had a comfortable 10 point lead after the second half. In the third quarter, Justin Forsett of the Houston Texans suddenly rocketed into a 81-yard run that initially was ruled a touchdown. Forsett took a hit along the way and one knee went to the turf, which is technically a tackle, and the play should have ended there. The only problem was that there was no whistle on the play so Forsett stayed on his feet and ran to the end zone.

This is where the potential for a NFL replay rule change comes in. The end zone run should have been negated and everyone knew it. Unfortunately, Lions coach Jim Schwartz got excited, tossing his challenge flag to get the play reviewed. Oops. Thanks to a loophole in a new NFL replay rule, a challenge flag is the one thing a coach should not do if he wants the play reviewed.

According to the NFL replay rule, all scoring plays are automatically reviewed…unless, of course, a coach throws his flag. In that case, the coach gets a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, and the play isn’t reviewed. This loophole in the NFL replay rule automatically gave the Texans the touchdown.

”I overreacted,” coach Schwartz acknowledged. ”And I cost us.”

According to Fox Sports, NFL director of football operations Ray Anderson is also the co-chairman of the competition committee that suggests rules changes to the owners. Anderson said a NFL replay rule change could come this year, although the NFL traditionally resists changing any rules during an active season.

”We will certainly discuss the rule with the competition committee members, as we do all situations involving unique and unusual circumstances, and determine if we feel a change should be recommended to ownership,” Anderson said in a statement. ”Not being able to review a play in this situation may be too harsh, and an unintended consequence of trying to prevent coaches from throwing their challenge flag for strategic purposes in situations that are not subject to a coaches’ challenge.”

What do you think about the potential NFL replay rule change? Do you NFL fans think it’s fair or that NFL coaches should simply be more careful before tossing a flag?

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7 Responses to “NFL Replay Rule Change Revisits Lions ‘Excessive’ Penalty [Video]”

  1. Greg Gilliom

    There should be very few restrictions on throwing the coach's challenge flag. The loss of a timeout is sufficient. And definitely this should be changes in mid-season. To have a clear non-touchdown and not review it, just because the coach threw the flag, is killing the whole concept of replay review. And I don't care about either of these teams.

  2. Bob Morales

    He knew the rule and so does everyone else. I understand it was an obvious touchdown, but that's what the rules are there for. I don't think a change is needed here just cause it costed them the game. Know when and when not to throw a challenge flag…simple.

  3. SuAnne Kistler

    it isn't fair to have a clear no touchdown turned into a tochdown I don't think anybody in the position of that coach would have done any different and why was there no whistle why was one team penalized for the error of the ref? I understand giving a penalty but to not review a play that the rules say will be reviewd just because a coach got excited on such a big play just isn't right.

  4. Anonymous

    If they change the rule mid-season.Do you give a lose to Houston and the win to Detroit?

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