Real Reason Why Samoa Joe Doesnt Have a Match at Wrestlemania 33

Real Reason Why Samoa Joe Doesn’t Have A Match At ‘Wrestlemania 33’ Revealed

The WWE Universe is shocked that Samoa Joe doesn’t have a match at Wrestlemania 33, but WWE officials have a specific reason for keeping him open for the grandest stage of them all. “The Destroyer” made a huge impact on WWE television the moment he debuted on Raw the night after the WWE Royal Rumble. Joe’s attack on Seth Rollins left him injured and has set his storyline with HHH down a completely different path.

Originally, Samoa Joe was meant to be on SmackDown. WWE was planning to feature him in a match with John Cena at Wrestlemania 33, which would have ended with Joe “destroying” Cena as a way to write him off WWE television for his upcoming hiatus. However, the decision was made to bring Joe to Raw, and he’s been dominant ever since. Despite WWE being pleased with his work, he doesn’t have a match on Sunday.

Samoa Joe has been feuding with Sami Zayn since his feud with Seth Rollins was canceled because of Seth’s injury. A rumored match with Finn Balor didn’t happen either because WWE didn’t think there was enough time to build their rivalry. Now, the WWE Universe is assuming Joe will be involved in the match between Rollins and HHH at Wrestlemania. That’s still possible, but WWE officials still have specific plans for him.

Seth Rollins vs Triple H Will Involve Samoa Joe
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It’s being reported that Samoa Joe will be involved in the match with Seth Rollins and Triple H in some way, but further details are questionable. After Rollins got hurt and the feud with Joe couldn’t happen at WWE FastLane, the powers that be were at a bit of a loss for his direction heading into Wrestlemania. He’s been great as a monster heel, but WWE couldn’t find a match for him that could fit appropriately onto the card.

The WWE Universe thinks that Finn Balor will make his return during the Rollins vs. Triple H match as well. Balor would even the odds with Samoa Joe and keep him at bay, but there’s also a rumor going around that he may be getting involved in the Raw Tag Team Title match instead. Also, WWE officials are looking to restart the feud between Joe and Rollins after Wrestlemania, which could last until WWE Summerslam.

There is also some speculation about Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens forming a huge heel stable on Raw after the grandest stage of them all. They’ve teamed together a little, but nothing has been made official. Thus far, Joe has been “destroying” his opponents on his own. Based on what happens in Orlando and how WWE is booking the rivalry between Samoa Joe and Rollins, it may not make sense for him to be in a stable like that.

Samoa Joe Has Been Labeled the Destroyer on Raw
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Samoa Joe has received a lot of praise since his debut on Raw two months ago. WWE officials aren’t holding him back from having a match at Wrestlemania 33 because he has backstage heat after injuring Rollins. He doesn’t have a match on the grandest stage of them all this year because the Wrestlemania card is stacked, which means not everyone can have a singles match on the show. It’s unfortunate, but it’s understandable.

Instead, Joe will be getting involved in the non-sanctioned match between Seth Rollins and Triple H, which means he should be playing a pivotal role in the bout that will lead to Rollins coming out on top. Afterward, he’ll be feuding with Rollins for the foreseeable future and likely into WWE Summerslam.

Samoa Joe may have to wait until Wrestlemania 34 to wrestle on the grandest stage of them all, but the wait will be worth it because WWE officials will remember he had to take the short straw in Orlando. He could be in a match with John Cena or a WWE World Title by next year. His role this year isn’t a commentary about his future on WWE programming.

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