'Keeping Up wit the Kardashians' Ratings Plummet

‘KUWTK’ Ratings All-Time Low: Kris Jenner Swoops In With Animated Spin-off Pitch

KUWTK ratings are plummeting since the Season 13 premiere after years of becoming a reality TV juggernaut had Kris Jenner worried to the point of suggesting that the family be featured in an animated spinoff.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians are not that hot in the viewership category anymore after E!L’s former reality TV cash cow suffered from a devastating drop in ratings. According to Radar Online, the Kardashians are worried that their show will soon be cancelled to the point that they start pointing fingers at each other.

Apparently, Kourtney is blaming Kim for the KUWTK ratings plunge after she reportedly “took a step back from promoting the show” after she was “forced” to share her horrifying experience during the night she was robbed in Paris, per the outlet.

“They have always relied on Kim and now Kim seems to be completely just over it because she seems to think that she will continue being super famous whether or not KUWTK is on the air,” a source allegedly told Radar Online.

The source further noted that while most of the Kardashians will still do well even without the show, Kourtney was particularly vulnerable which may be why she reacted that way.

“Kourtney really has nothing else going on, so she is the most upset about the possibility of being cancelled.”

Now, it seems like another member of the family is showing her worries about the KUWTK ratings as she decides to pitch in a relatively ridiculous suggestion in order to save the family sinking with the show.

According to a report from TMZ, Kris Jenner met with a company in Los Angeles owned by decorated filmmaker Harvey Weinstein to pitch a television series that would feature almost all the members of the Kardashian clan in animated form.

While very little information about it was made public, an insider told TMZ that the animated series will feature “the entire family” except Caitlyn Jenner. Aside from that, the source revealed that the show is pitched for primetime and is “not for kids,” as the outlet puts it.

Since the Season 13 premiere, viewership numbers are not looking good for the Kardashians as KUWTK ratings from Nielsen revealed an all-time low for the show as reported by the Hollywood Gossip.

Apparently, the show only posted 1.41 million viewers for Sunday’s episode—a number a lot lower than the first two episodes which were at 1.48 million and 1.58 million, respectively.

Citing an insider who is “close to production,” the outlet said that the first few episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 13 should have raked bigger if not the biggest numbers in KUWTK ratings history.

“These were big episodes and they were supposed to bring in big numbers. This is bad,” the source tells the outlet.

Despite this, fans are still rooting for the show with some taking to Twitter to show their love for the Kardashians.

One even have a suggestion for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians showrunners in order to save the show from ultimately getting canceled.

Meanwhile, “non-fans” criticized how the show used Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery to help with the ratings.

Others just plainly made fun of the reality show.

As for the animated spinoff—funny as it sounds—there is a small possibility that such project might happen considering the $100 million contract E! signed with the Kardashians stating that the family will remain under the network through 2019.

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