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Erika Girardi’s Marriage Is Called Into Question On ‘RHOBH’

Erika Girardi’s marriage becomes a hot topic for her co-stars on tonight’s new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After arriving back home in Los Angeles from a cast trip to Tokyo, Dorit Kemsley chatted with her husband about the events of the trip over a couple of drinks. Quickly, their conversation turned to Erika Girardi, 45, and her attorney husband, Tom Girardi, 77.

“PK, she’s telling me, ‘You call my husband to apologize and I want your husband to call my husband to apologize,'” Kemsley explains to her husband in a sneak peek shared by Bravo TV.

“Why would I call [Erika Girardi’s] husband?” he responded. “She should call her husband because she doesn’t see him very often. Check in… ‘How are you doing Tom?’ It’s been six months.”

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Earlier this month, Erika Girardi’s marriage was targeted by a report which suggested her husband had been caught with another woman. According to a report by All About the Real Housewives, Tom was allegedly seen “getting very close with a gorgeous blonde” during a dinner at the Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills at the end of February.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” an eyewitness revealed to OK! Magazine. “She put his hand on his stomach, then he had his arm around her, and they left together!”

Although the magazine shared photos of Tom at dinner with the mystery woman, the attorney denied she was anything more than a work colleague and a friend. As for Erika Girardi, who is currently starring on the 24th season of Dancing with the Stars, she has remained silent in regard to Tom’s outing with the unidentified woman.

While Erika Girardi hasn’t commented on the rumors, she did gush over her husband during an interview just last month.

“I lived Tom Girardi’s legal life with him first 10 years of our relationship,” she said during an interview with People Magazine in February. “I went to every legal organization, every event — all of those groups he belonged to and those speeches he gave.”

Then, after feeling inspired to branch out with her own career, Tom was by her side and offered his support.

“He said, ‘I think that would be wonderful — go,'” Erika Girardi recalled. “I think that’s what makes marriage work — when you allow each other to be strong in their chosen profession; when you support each other and love each other.”

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Erika Girardi also gushed over her husband’s impressive career.

“They broke the mold when they made Tom for sure,” she said. “Tom is an incredibly special human being. He’s not only a great husband — he’s also a great father, a great friend, a great mentor, and a hell of a f***ing lawyer. He’s so good.”

Erika Girardi was cast on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during the show’s sixth season and has continued to appear on the series through Season 7. Still, when it comes to her personal life with her husband and her son, Tommy Zizzo, Erika Girardi has been extremely selective when it comes to what she is willing to reveal. In fact, she hasn’t allowed her son, a police officer, to appear on the show at all, and her time with husband Tom has been quite limited in recent weeks.

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