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Fetty Wap Robbery Bloodbath: Three People Suffer Gunshot Wounds

Fetty Wap was shot at during a robbery that turned into a bloodbath. The “Trap Queen” hitmaker and his crew squared off against rivaling crew of Raheem Thomas, aka Fuzz, and his Muscle Team boys.

While Fetty Wap and his crew have yet to speak out about the bloody shootout, which took place on Sunday morning in Paterson, New Jersey, sources that witnessed the robbery told TMZ that Fetty Wap’s crew fired off the only bullets that landed.

One of Fetty Wap’s boys fired first at Fuzz’s crew, which resulted in a bloodbath that saw two people in Fuzz’s crew injured and one member of Fetty’s crew injured of a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The incident started at a New Jersey deli, where things spiraled out of control very fast. According to sources that witnessed the robbery, Fuzz gun-whipped a member of Fetty Wap’s camp and his boys attempted to rob the “Trap Queen” hitmaker.

To defend the 2015 rap sensation, one of his crew members fired shots at Fuzz and his boys, injuring two of them. Then the original shooter attempted to escape the bloodbath but ended up accidentally shooting himself in the thigh with his gun being in his waistband.

Police investigating the robbery involving Fetty Wap seem to confirm the story. The two injured members of Fuzz’s crew were found outside the deli and were rushed to hospitals. There’s no telling if the two recovered or even survived the gunshots.

The third injured guy – the one from Fetty Wap’s crew – reportedly checked himself into another hospital a little later after the bloodbath.

Fuzz is Fetty Wap’s long-time rival and has previously been booked for gun possession and assault. Even though Fuzz was captured on video holding a gun in his hands, it’s unclear if he actually fired a single shot that night.

After the bloodbath, however, authorities arrested Fuzz for assault and weapons offenses for gun-whipping one of Fetty Wap’s boys in the head and face. While Fuzz hasn’t been charged in the shooting, he was reportedly using a gun he was not legally allowed to carry.

Prosecutors in court investigating the bloody robbery said there were no evidence suggesting that Fuzz had personally fired the gun. Eyewitnesses and evidence also seem to suggest that Fetty Wap didn’t fire a single shot – or that he even had a gun – that night.

Several media outlets have reached out to Fetty Wap and his boys, but so far they have declined to comment on the robbery.

Such bloody incidents involving robbery and shootouts had been part of Fetty Wap’s everyday life until his track “Trap Queen” became a hit in 2015, making Fetty the sensation of the year.

Before his sudden fame in 2015, Fetty Wap had been struggling with drugs and was practically homeless, according to The Guardian.

His rise to fame was so rapid that Fetty Wap went from handing out free copies of his tracks outside the BET Awards venue in 2014 to performing onstage at the awards ceremony just a year later.

While Fetty Wap is still getting used to living a celebrity life, just three years ago he couldn’t imagine his life without drugs, robberies, and gang shootouts on the streets.

But Fetty Wap, born Willie Maxwell II, who lost his left eye before his first birthday due to congenital glaucoma, certainly has something to look forward to.

Having collaborated with Drake, 2 Chainz, and even David Guetta and Sia, Fetty Wap is working hard to remain one of the most prominent artists in the rap industry. The 25-year-old rapper is set to release his new album, King Zoo, later in 2017.

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