Tom Cruise reportedly has a new girlfriend.

Tom Cruise Reportedly In Love: Scientology Chose ‘Mission: Impossible’ Gal Pal?

Tom Cruise reportedly has set sail for love once more, and a new report claims that Cruise is so serious about his girlfriend that he’s even planning what will be his fourth wedding. Tom also reportedly is reuniting with his youngest child, Suri Cruise, following the death of his mother, according to the new report.

In Touch revealed that the 54-year-old actor is in the midst of figuring out his wedding to his co-star Vanessa Kirby. Tom’s decision to tie the knot again reportedly is linked to his alleged desire to “pick up the pieces in his life following the death of his mother Mary Lee South and… focus on what’s important — his family,” according to an insider’s revelations to the publication.

Tom Cruise reportedly wants to wed again.
Tom Cruise reportedly wants to wed again. [Image by Stuart Wilson/Getty Images]

Cruise and Suri have been apart for three years, but now Tom plans to reunite with his daughter and also wed Vanessa, 28, “sometime early next year,” said the source. Kirby earned fame for her role on The Crown playing Princess Margaret. The insider revealed that Cruise noticed and was impressed by Vanessa’s work on the Netflix original series.

“Tom flipped for her work.”

And Cruise also took action after viewing Kirby in The Crown. He reportedly asked that she star with him in Mission: Impossible 6. The actor succeeded, with the producers handing over the role to Vanessa.

“[Tom] told the other Mission: Impossible producers that he had to have Vanessa for a crucial role for the franchise’s sixth installment,” revealed the source.

Cruise and Kirby experienced “instant chemistry,” according to the insider, who also said that Vanessa has impressed Tom so much that he wants to wed.

“He thinks she’s perfect to be his next wife.”

Following his divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012, Cruise has been single. Katie and Tom were married for five years, and the split allegedly resulted from his involvement with the Church of Scientology, reported SheKnows.

When Cruise was dating Holmes, rumors soared that the Church of Scientology had arranged their romance and even set them up to wed, according to the media outlet, which reported that Tom’s new romance with Kirby has resulted in similar speculation.

“He’s blown her away with his endless charm and energy,” said a source quoted by the publication.

“He wants to make her the next Mrs. Tom Cruise.”

Although Cruise’s alleged decision to wed Vanessa might appear sudden, Tom proposed to Katie just eight weeks after they first met. The speed of their engagement at the time resulted in additional speculation that the romance had been arranged by the Church of Scientology.

As for how Kirby might handle the sudden spotlight if she and Cruise do wed, she’s been involved in celebrity romances before. Vanessa dated Douglas Booth, a co-star on BBC’s Great Expectations, for more than a year starting in 2012.

Tom Cruise holds Suri Cruise before his divorce from Katie Holmes.
Tom Cruise holds Suri Cruise before his divorce from Katie Holmes. [Image by Toby Canham/Getty Images]

Will Suri Cruise have a role in the wedding if Tom does follow through and tie the knot with his Mission: Impossible co-star? Earlier this year, Life & Style reported that although Cruise has not reunited with his youngest daughter for more than three years, he avoided what could have been the perfect opportunity: A Harry Potter-themed excursion.

Tom, who has three children, was spotted in London attending the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, and an eyewitness told the publication that Cruise was accompanied only by adults.

“He was with a woman who seemed to be a business associate and a few guy friends,” noted the observer.

Tom received VIP treatment, getting the best seats in the theater and getting “whisked in and out of the play at intermission and again at the end,” according to the eyewitness.

A second source told the publication that the reason for the lack of contact between Cruise and Suri is that Scientologists are advised to “disconnect” from family members and friends who exit the church, which both Katie Holmes and Suri did.

Prior to the alleged disconnect, however, another insider told the media outlet that Suri enjoyed “lavish holiday feasts” along with extravagant excursions and gifts.

“Tom would give Suri the run of the store at FAO Schwarz or take her to a VIP day at one of the Disney parks.”

However, the publication reported that Suri currently is “smitten” with Katie Holmes’ new boyfriend, Jamie Foxx, and also enjoys spending time with his daughter Corinne.

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