Julian back from the dead

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Back to Save Boozing Alexis From Herself?

General Hospital spoilers tell us Julian Jerome (William deVry) isn’t really dead. Alexis Davis actress Nancy Lee Grahn spilled on Twitter a week and a half ago that she filmed a love scene on the set of GH. We know that means Julian will be back, but what prompts the former Jerome mobster to resurrect?

Alexis Back to Boozing

Could it be Alexis and her battle with the bottle that brings Julian back from the dead? There were already signs on the Monday, March 27 GH episode. Alexis had cracked open the bottle of vodka and started guzzling when she saw a vision of dead Julian in her house.

Then at the end of the episode, when Alexis ran to answer the door, she was calling out to Julian but instead, GH spoilers say it’s Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart). Even Ava Jerome (Maura West), who doesn’t care a whit about Alexis and her issues, was appalled when she caught Alexis boozing.

Ava Outraged At Alexis

Ava reminded her of the sacrifices that Julian made to get Alexis sobered up but Alexis wouldn’t listen. We have to wonder if Valentin will realize, on Tuesday’s General Hospital, that his half-sister is drunk – or if he will care that she’s sloshed. Alexis seems determined to drink and drink a lot.

Not only is Alexis back to boozing but she’s also back to being belligerent and sneaky about it. Alexis is lying to Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), Kristina Corinthos (Lexi Ainsworth), and Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos). Alexis told her younger daughters she was going to an AA meeting then went to buy booze.

Alexis Hits Rock Bottom… Again

The situation is so bad that known killer Ava offered to take Alexis to an AA meeting. It’s pretty awful when someone as cold as Ava is willing to help Alexis because she’s hitting rock bottom again. The only good side to this is that Alexis’ loved ones know the warning signs now.

General Hospital spoilers hint Julian should be back for not only the love scene that Nancy Lee Grahn mentioned in a tweet but also back from death. The only other option is if Alexis has a steamy dream sequence but that seems a waste when ABC could just use a flashback from an older scene.

Waiting on William deVry Contract News

There has not been an official confirmation yet from General Hospital on whether William deVry’s contract has been renewed but there has also not been confirmation that he’s gone for good. The only hint we have is what Nancy Lee Grahn tweeted and the lack of a departure notice.

The PCPD found Julian’s jacket near where he fell off the bridge after he struggled with Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker). No one but Alexis seems to think Julian is really dead – and that’s why she’s boozing. Later this week, General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam starts an investigation into her father’s fate.

Sam Finds Julian’s Fate

Sam will bring in Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) to help do the legwork as they try to find out what happened to Julian. One jacket found minus the body that goes into it means he’s likely alive. Ava revealed on Monday that the PCPD called off the search for Julian, but the cops are incompetent.

Plus, what good reason does PCPD Chief Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine) have to keep looking for Julian since he’s a bad dude and not someone she wants back in town? Sam, however, wants to get to the truth so she can help her mom have some peace of mind about Julian’s fate.

Sam Hides Julian Secret

Soon enough, General Hospital spoilers say Sam figures out her dad is alive and well but she doesn’t want Alexis to know it yet. Sam may be hoping Julian will stay away even though he’s alive but if word reaches Julian that Alexis crawled back into the bottle in grief, there’s no doubt he’ll come running back.

Alexis’ battle with the bottle might not last too long if Julian comes back to save her again. Julexis fans will be thrilled once he turns up alive and well – and finds his way back into Alexis’ life and her bed. The plot to find Julian starts next week but fans will have to wait to see the new Julexis love scene as these General Hospital spoilers play out.

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