Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Take A 'Significant Step' In Their Nasty Split [Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Take A ‘Significant Step’ In Their Nasty Split

After months of intense divorce drama, things are finally looking up for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The couple announced their decision to hire a private judge back in January and it sounds like they are one the verge of reaching a custody agreement. Will the divorce be finalized in the coming weeks?

E! News reports that Pitt and Jolie have re-opened the doors of communication and are on speaking terms for the first time in months. “Things have calmed between Brad and Angelina. It’s not as tense as it had been,” an insider revealed. “They are focused on the kids and working to do what’s best for them.”

The past six months have been a busy time for the Jolie-Pitt family. The actor is slated to appear in Netflix’s upcoming film, War Machine, and just picked up a new hobby: sculpting. Pitt has been seen coming and going at odd hours at Thomas Houseago’s studio. He’s also been granted more time with his kids, which has translated to a happier life for all parties involved.

Jolie, meanwhile, is starting to amp up her humanitarian work. The actress just got home after speaking in London at the United Nations. The trip came after Jolie’s red carpet premiere of First They Killed My Father, which debuted in Cambodia. Jolie brought all six of her children on both trips, including Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox.

Angelina Jolie with Pax, Maddox and Zahara in Cambodia on February 18, 2017.
Angelina Jolie with Pax, Maddox, and Zahara in Cambodia on February 18, 2017. It is alleged that Angelina Jolie is planning to adopt more children after her divorce from Brad Pitt. [Image by Heng Sinith/AP Images]

Until recently, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had cut off communication and were only corresponding through their respective lawyers. That all changed once they went private with the divorce and started attending therapy sessions.

“They recently started talking again and it’s a significant step. Up until now everything was through lawyers and assistants,” the source stated. “They did not speak at all after the plane incident and everything that went down in the press.”

The source revealed that a therapist recommended they start speaking to each other once again. This led both of them to start focusing on the children and working through their divorce settlement.

According to LA Times, the decision to keep the divorce out of the public eye was a game changer for Pitt. Before they hired a private judge, Pitt was fighting rumors of child abuse and drug use left and right. With the drama starting to die down, Pitt couldn’t be happier about how things have gone.

Brad Pitt received a warm welcome from Hollywood at the Golden Globes, reportedly sending Angelina Jolie into PR mode. [Image by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images]

The news matches up with Jolie’s comments about the split in February. During the premiere of her movie, Jolie admitted that it has been a difficult time. Despite the trials, the actress said they were working through it all as a family and was hopeful they would come out stronger for it.

“My focus is my children — our children — and my focus is finding this way through,” she stated. “And as I said, we are and forever will be a family. And so, that is how I’m coping. I’m coping with finding a way through to make sure this somehow makes us stronger and closer.”

An insider told Us Magazine that Jolie was the one who reached out first. The Maleficent star was worried about the well-being of the kids and decided to put their best interest as her top priority. While they are still working out the details of the divorce, it’s good to see that the children are being taken into consideration.

With the divorce heading into a better direction, many fans are left wondering when Pitt will start dating again. According to People, Pitt isn’t quite ready for another relationship just yet. Instead, the Allied star is reconnecting with former friends and keeping his body in top shape.

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[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]