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Walmart Walkout: Low Turnout As Company Records Best Black Friday Ever

Les than 50 associates participated in Walmart walkouts

While walkouts were reported in seven states, Walmart’s US chief executive says less than 50 associates participated in the protest.

In a statement, Bill Simon said, “We estimate that less than 50 associates participated in the protest nationwide. In fact, this year, roughly the same number of associates missed their scheduled shift as last year.”

OUR Walmart, an organization backed by the United Food & Commercial Workers union, disagrees with Simon’s estimate. The group said “hundreds and hundreds of workers” walked off the job on Black Friday.

The group said it counted 1,000 protests in 46 states as well as strikes in 100 cities. Walmart said those figures were “greatly exaggerated.”

At a Walmart on Chicago’s South Side, only one employee out of nearly 500 participated in the protest. The lone worker, Tyrone Robinson, said he only earns $8.95 an hour working in the retailer’s produce department, and that his shifts have been cut back to less than 40 hours a week.

Many of the demonstrators were not actually Walmart workers, but supporters of the protest. At a Walmart in Paramount, California, there were about 300 protestors, but it was unclear how many were employees.

The protests didn’t do much to deter shoppers, however. Walmart said it recorded its best Black Friday ever, with nearly 10 million transactions between 8 pm Thursday and 12 am Friday.

Some shoppers were sympathetic to the workers’ plight. Thirty-year-old Joe Tegue said, “We need to put ourselves in their shoes. I probably won’t shop here; I don’t think they should take advantage of workers.”

Rosetta Brown, who has been an employee for 15 years and works at the Sam’s Club in Cicero, Illinois, lamented the treatment of employees in the post-Sam Walton era. Walton opened the first Walmart in 1962 and died 30 years later.

“Sam Walton was a good man … Walmart passed away with him,” she said.

Did you witness any Walmart walkouts on Black Friday?

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4 Responses to “Walmart Walkout: Low Turnout As Company Records Best Black Friday Ever”

  1. Linda Johnson-Bass

    It is really unfortunate that Walmart did not fire the ones that walked out….missed a chance to clean the slate and hire people that WANT a job. Walmart did a booming business…so, apparently those that walked out were not needed anyway…so, fire them and save the $$$.

  2. Joseph Waldvogel

    If you don't like Pay at the Job you have, go find some other job!!!! Or live off the Government/Those that still pay Federal taxes!!! My first Job I was making $3.95 a hour with zero benefits. I knew what kind of Job it was before I put in a application to work there. I sure wasn't going to make it my REAL JOB! Any Monkey can work at Wal-Mart! it takes zero skill. Anyone with half a brain can work at a Wal-Mart so of course Pay isn't going to be high! Again if you don't like the pay, find another job or startup your own business and see what it's really like when you're on the other side!

    I took a huge risk a couple years ago and gave notice where I worked for 18 years for a completely different Job, in a different town. Not making much more money then before, but I saw a Job with future growth then where I was working. There's also a few other pluses. It's been over 2 years now, and it was a smart move!!! I don't have a issue with Wal-mart at all. It's a free market (Not really with the Government in the way of everything) but you can shop anywhere you like, just like you can try and get a job anywhere you like. No one forces you to work at Wal-Mart or anywhere else for that matter.

    Quite frankly I was hoping there would have been a huge walkout. I'd fired every last one of them and hire all new people. People who want a job and to work there!!! I remember years ago me and a friend got a temp job with others at large store for a couple days at night to do Inventory. It was like, this it was you do, and off we went 5 minutes later. If you want better pay, Get a better Education or learn a trade where the pay is Good!!! Hell a Garbage Man gets great Pay. Plumbers also do quite good. You're not going to get great pay right off the bat, it'll take a few years as you LEARN how to do more and more things. Things any old Monkey can't do!!!

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