Steven Mason: Former Alabama Nurse Allegedly Murdered Girlfriend Kelei Morris

Two innocent Mobile, Alabama, women reportedly died at the hands of Steven Morris. Prosecutors say that Mason, a former nurse, brutally murdered 24-year-old Kelei Morris in 2015 and 17-year-old Mesha Anglin in 2002. Both victims were shot to death.

In the most recent murder case, the death of Kelei Morris has hit her family and the community hard. But the family can breathe a sigh of relief now that Steven Mason has been arrested in the cold case, according to the Sun Herald. When Kelei Morris died back in February 2015, her death was a mystery.

Murder Of Kelei Morris In West Mobile

The killing of Kelei Morris, a pretty African-American respiratory therapist and former honor student, shocked people who knew her from Biloxi, Mississippi, and the city of Mobile, where she worked. She was found mortally wounded around 11:30 p.m. on February 2 after neighbors at the Arlington Place Apartment heard a gun shot.

Kelei Morris was transported to the hospital but died just two days later. An autopsy report concluded that the former Nativity BVM student had been shot in the head. At the scene, police found evidence that showed someone had opened fire just outside Kelei Morris’ apartment. It appeared that Kelei Morris’ death was not motivated by robbery but was a targeted attack. Authorities say a shotgun was the weapon used in the murder.

The case went cold for two years until Mobile police were able to make an arrest. Information led them to Steven Mason, who had briefly dated South Alabama graduate Kelei Morris and worked with her at the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center. Friends say Kelei Morris broke it off with Steven Mason and that he was upset about the break-up.

Distraught family members had a memorial service for Kelei Morris at the Our Lady of Fatima Church. The burial took place at D’Iberville Memorial Park, WLOX reported.

Steven Mason is currently being held in jail pending the next court session. His family members fought to have him released on bond. However, the district attorneys stated that he was simply too dangerous to be released.

Steven Mason’s Dark And Deadly Past: He Killed 15 Years Earlier

It seems that Kelei Morris knew nothing about Steven Mason’s dark past. According to court records, Steven Mason shot and killed his former girlfriend, Mesha Anglin, when he was just 18-years-old.

According to Fox-10, the killing of Mesha Lysette “Princess” Anglin happened in June 2002. Authorities say Steven Mason went to Mesha Anglin’s home and reached his hand inside of her bedroom window, where she was in bed sleeping with her mother, and shot her at close range.

Mesha Anglin was taken to a local hospital but died during transport. The aspiring cosmetologist had a twin sister named Kesha. Mesha Anglin’s family became enraged in the courtroom when Mason was given a youthful offender status. He went to prison and did about three years. When he was finally released, he went to school and continued on with his life and even passed a background check to get a job as a nurse. Since the murder of Mesha Anglin generated few news articles, Steven Mason was allowed to live his life undetected despite his terrible secret.

Too bad Kelei Morris didn’t know about Steven Mason’s dangerous side. Her friends told the Sun Herald that she would never have dated a killer.

The Kelei Morris shooting is a reminder of the Denita Smith case. Denita Smith was another woman with an impressive educational background. She was found dead at the bottom of the stairs outside of her apartment in 2007. Her killer turned out to be Shannon Crawley, the lover of the man Denita Smith was about to marry. Read about the Denita Smith case here.

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