Apple has rolled out iOS 10.3 to millions of supported devices.

iOS 10.3 Is Rolling Out Today: Six Significant Improvements Users Can Expect

Millions of Apple devices across the world would be receiving the iOS 10.3 update today, and users could look forward to a number of very welcome changes. Among these include several new, useful features as well as a shift to a new more modern and efficient file system, which would benefit Apple’s mobile devices in the long run. Here is a brief rundown on what to expect in the iOS 10.3 update.

iOS 10.3 Would Shift to Apple File System (APFS)

According to a report from The Verge, Apple would be shifting supported devices to the tech giant’s new, updated filing system, APFS. The new system made its debut last year at WWDC 2016, and it would be fully compatible with most of Apple’s devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs and even the Apple Watch.

Prior to iOS 10.3, Apple’s devices are actually utilizing a 31-year-old data filing system, called the Hierarchical File System, or HFS, to its mobile devices that are running iOS. HFS systems are capable and stable on their own, but they were never really optimized for devices with SSD storage such as iPhones and iPads. With the shift to APFS, iOS devices would be able to improve their read and write speeds, among other improvements.

APFS Would Give A Storage Boost To Some Devices

One particularly interesting effect of the shift towards an APFS system is a slight increase in free storage. During the beta testing phase of the mobile operating system’s new iteration, participants noticed that some storage has been freed from their devices after the iOS 10.3 update. While the other advantages of APFS would most likely be felt by users in the long run, the additional storage, no matter how small, would most likely be appreciated by iPhone and iPad users who are still using 16GB devices.

The Update Would Take Significantly Longer

Beta testers of iOS 10.3 have also noted that the update takes significantly longer than previous patches to the mobile operating system. Thus, iPhone and iPad users would be wise to allot a little bit more time when updating their devices to iOS 10.3. Backing up the data in iOS devices to a PC or Mac would be a good idea too.

Find My iPhone Would Get An Upgrade

Apart from the massive shift to APFS, iOS 10.3 would also be debuting a number of nifty features that would improve user experience. Among these would be found in the Find My iPhone app. After the iOS 10.3 update, users would be able to locate not only their iPhone, but also the last known location of their AirPods, as stated in a Gizmodo report. The app would also be able to trigger a sound from one or both AirPods, enabling users to locate the wireless headsets easily.

Siri Would Receive More Features

True to form, the iOS 10.3 update would also debut a number of new features for Apple’s iconic voice assistant, Siri. With the latest patch, Siri would be able to offer support for paying and checking the status of bills that are tied to payment apps in the iPhone and iPad. Siri would also be able to help users check their vehicle’s fuel levels, lock status, and turn on lights using automaker apps.

CarPlay Would Become Easier To Use

Apple CarPlay is set to receive a number of significant improvements with the rollout of iOS 10.3. Among these would be shortcuts in the status bar, which would give users a far easier time accessing frequently used applications. Apple Music would also be integrated better with CarPlay, with the “Apple Music Now Playing” screen giving users access to “Up Next” and the name of the album that users are playing.

These are but the major updates for iOS 10.3, however. Apart from these, improvements on iTunes and the Messenger app are also being rolled out as well as a number of tweaks in the Settings app. iOS 10.3 is available for download now.

[Featured Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]