Rumors Claim Kanye West Joining 'Americal Idol' As Judge

Kanye West As ‘American Idol’ Judge? Fact Checker Says Not A Chance

Is Kanye West joining American Idol judges? A recent report claims so, stating that Ryan Seacrest wishes to revamp the talent show by roping in the rapper to be an Idol judge.

According to Radar Online, Kanye West was offered a job to be an American Idol judge in the upcoming re-launch of NBC’s singing contest. Borrowing the outlet’s exact words, NBC is allegedly “courting” the American rapper to join the judge panel and “will stop at nothing to get him on board.”

The report claims that NBC is drooling over the return of Ryan Seacrest who volunteered to return as host for the show that ended a 15-year run last year.

“Ryan Seacrest has put his name forward during his negotiations to come back as host and NBC are salivating over it.”

Citing an unnamed source, the outlet further explained that NBC is open to welcoming the same people who made the show a success for 15 years although they are not the network’s top priority. This is where Kanye West comes in.

“Kanye is at the very top of the wish list, not Simon Cowell. If Ryan hosting can help get them Kanye, that’s a happy result for NBC.”

The outlet also claimed that Kanye is already considering the offer and is even seeking advice from other celebrities who had been hired as American Idol judges.

“Kanye’s weighing the options and is even grilling Jennifer Lopez on what’s involved.”

Moreover, Radar Online’s “source” noted how Kanye is having a difficult time deciding since “it’s not an easy gig, but the offer he’s got is proving to be very hard to refuse.”

But that is something that fact-checking website Gossip Cop strongly denied.

According to a recent report from the outlet, Kanye West was not offered an American Idol judge job for the show’s revival and is not pondering about such a thing that doesn’t exist.

“Plans for such a project are nowhere near official, but the rapper is not involved regardless,” the fact-checking report explained, adding that a representative from the network revealed that the Radar Online “published a ‘bogus’ story.”

To top that off, TMZ got hold of people close to Yeezy who flat out denied that any offer was made to Kanye West regarding an American Idol reboot.

“There is no conversation with Kanye West to join ‘American Idol’ or any other show for that matter.”

Gossip Cop also debunked other speculations from Radar Online including one that notes how Kanye is treading the same path as his wife, Kim Kardashian who had been in a reality show since time immemorial.

According to the website, the 39-year-old rapper had been subject of several untrue rumors. Kanye had been a hot topic online even last year to the point that he was put under a suicide watch when he was admitted to the hospital due to “exhaustion and sleep deprivation” in Fall 2016.

Of course, that claim was also debunked by the Gossip Cop who spoke to Kanye’s rep about the outrageous claim and was told that the report was “false.”

Previously, Kanye West had been the focus of “$300 million divorce” rumors with Kim Kardashian which surfaced two months prior to the celebrity couple’s anniversary.

The speculation which was detailed in the cover story of In Touch magazine claimed that the Paris robbery revelation Kim made in Keeping Up with the Kardashians was the “breaking point” of their relationship.

To catch you up, Kim shared never-before-known details of the Paris robbery where she admitted her fears about being raped and killed during that life-changing incident, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kanye West and the American Idol reboot in the days to come.

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 4]