Patrick Stewart may play Kellyanne Conway

Patrick Stewart To Portray Kellyanne Conway On SNL?

Will Patrick Stewart play Kellyanne Conway on Saturday Night Live? Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, social media is going crazy with people insisting the Star Trek star needs to portray President Trump’s personal aide, but what prompted this?

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According to the Daily Mail, Stewart dressed up as a woman in April of 2016 as a tactic to call attention to his Starz show Blunt Talk, and upon seeing the photos of a female Patrick Stewart, a lot of people think the resemblance to Kellyanne Conway is remarkable enough to warrant a skit on SNL.

At the time of this writing, no statement has been made regarding the possibility of Stewart playing Conway by any party, including SNL.

Saturday Night Live has made poking fun at Trump and those who serve under him a regular occurrence on the show. Alec Baldwin debuted his impression of Donald Trump on October 1, 2016. It aired the first Saturday after the first presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Baldwin’s impersonation of The Donald sparked a lot of hype with its accuracy, humor and cleverness, making it an instant hit.

Another impression that wowed audiences was when comedienne Melissa McCarthy portrayed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. This depiction of the Trump spokesman has only been done once by McCarthy on SNL, but that doesn’t mean that fans don’t want more.

Comedienne Leslie Jones, who reportedly really likes the idea of taking over Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impersonations, made a submission for the role on a February episode of SNL. Jones had reportedly been inspired when the show’s producer’s allowed Melissa McCarthy to play Sean Spicer.

However, Jones’ impersonation of the president didn’t impress SNL elites, and after they told her she wouldn’t be playing Trump, she acted out by yelling and damaging head producer Lorne Michaels’ Emmy.

Kate McKinnon, who, if Patrick Stewart did ever act as Kellyanne Conway, would have to step aside since she’s the person who normally fills that role, imitated Attorney General Jeff Sessions in an SNL sketch with a twist. McKinnon’s Sessions was playing the role of the movie character Forrest Gump, originally played by Tom Hanks, sitting on a bench at the bus stop as is shown throughout the actual motion picture. The skit was widely talked about after its airing.

We’ve seen females playing the roles of men, and if Stewart agreed to play Conway, he’d be the first, as far as SNL mocking Trump and his allies, man to play a female character.

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Patrick Stewart kisses Ian McKellen. [Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]

Patrick Stewart has not made a secret of what he personally thinks about President Trump. Not long ago it was discovered that the United Kingdom native is planning on seeking U.S. citizenship in order to be a force of opposition against Trump. Stewart was a guest on the talk show The View when he made this admission, according to The Hill.

Though Stewart hasn’t yet commented on satirizing Kellyanne Conway, he wasn’t unwilling to use his acting skills to make fun of Trump on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show earlier this month, as he participated in a skit which ridiculed Trump’s upcoming Obamacare replacement.

The X-Men star has also gone to Twitter to share his frustrations with the U.S. president. A couple days after Donald was elected, Stewart tweeted a picture of himself wearing a safety pin, which has become a universal sign of support for the things Trump opposes, such as open borders and the Middle Eastern refugee program.

Months before Trump won the election, Stewart also tweeted that he was willing to pay a stranger five dollars to not vote for Donald Trump, even though said stranger was only asking for one dollar.

It remains to be seen if Patrick Stewart will play Kellyanne Conway in an episode of SNL, but at least he wouldn’t be lacking support if he chooses to.

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