Win a chance to see April the giraffe live

Animal Adventure Park Contest: Win A Season Pass To See April The Giraffe Live

The Animal Adventure Park announced a contest where the winner gets a free season pass to their park located in Harpursville, New York. One of the park’s residents, April the giraffe, has become a viral sensation. She is 15-years-old and 15-months pregnant and the park is streaming the birth of her calf live online. To enter the contest you simply respond to the post below and on the day April’s baby is born, and the winner of the free season pass will be announced. You must access the original Facebook post to comment and share in order for your contest entry to count. Since news of the giraffe cam and upcoming birth has spread through social media, the park has received numerous fans, followers, and is nearing 1 million Facebook likes. You may find out more about the Animal Adventure Park contest and how to enter below.

As countless people have tuned in to watch the live giraffe cam, hundreds of thousands have vowed to visit the park. With growing media attention and the spotlight shining on Harpursville, there is no telling what the future holds for the park. Currently, they have approximately 200 animals with new births happening frequently. Will the AAP outgrow their current location and expand? No one knows exactly what is in store, but if you are planning on visiting this summer, you might want to enter the contest. The park reopens for the 2017 season on May 13 and just how many people will show up to get a look at April and her mate Oliver, and maybe her calf, is unknown. As more people watch the live giraffe cam, they fall in love with April, Oliver, and the staff. Millions will tune into the live birth of April’s calf. If you haven’t watched the live giraffe cam you can see it in the video player below.

Since April has gone viral, events scheduled for the Animal Adventure Park are quickly selling out. The park announced their Critter Camps that are scheduled for the summer are nearly sold out. Those who want to ensure they get a spot at any of the upcoming Animal Adventure Park events will need to register early.

The contest is a great way for those who live in New York and have frequent access to the park to ensure easy entry. You do not need to be a New York resident to enter the contest; however. There are people from all over the world watching April via the live cam and any have vowed to make a trip to New York specifically to see her. As the latest Animal Adventure Park updates indicate that April is headed towards active labor and the contest winner will be announced after the baby calf is born, it’s a good idea to enter as quickly as possible.

There is a good chance April could have her calf this week due to changes in her udders. As previously reported, April will not go into active labor before her udders are filled with milk. In this morning’s update, the Animal Adventure Park shared new photos of April’s udders that indicate they are getting larger and filling up. She will need to lose the wax caps on her udders and then active labor will begin. We can expect active labor within two days. Here are photos of the recent changes in April’s udders. If you want to ensure you enter the contest before her calf is born, you might want to enter now.

Here are two photos of April’s udders that show her body is preparing for active labor and the birth of a new calf. It definitely looks like things are happening and if the calf is born this week, so too would the winner of the contest be announced.

Are you going to enter the Animal Adventure Park contest for a chance to see April the giraffe live?

[Featured Image by Fotografie-Kuhlmann/Shutterstock]