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‘Flip Or Flop’ Star Christina El Moussa Stuns All With Glamorous Instagram Photo

Fans of HGTV Flip or Flop tend to recognize Christina El Moussa for her casual soccer mom attire. Recently, however, the Flip or Flop star took to Instagram to stun her fans with a much more glamorous style.

PEOPLE notes it was on Saturday that Christina El Moussa shared the glamorous Instagram photo that was taken during a photoshoot with photographer Damir K. In the photo, Christina can be seen wearing a glamorous fitted black dress that was designed by Walter Mendez. The black tightly fitted dress features a high neckline, delicate gold detailing, and a gorgeous keyhole chest cutout.

In the caption of the glamorous photo on Instagram, Christina gave a shout out to Damir K. for being “the best in the industry.”

“When I was asked by the super talented Damir K. to do a photoshoot you can bet I went for it. Damir K. you are the best in the industry.”

When I was asked by the super talented @damir_k to do a photoshoot you can bet I went for it. @damir_k you are the best in the industry ????. Gorgeous dress @waltercollection makeup @pinkdustcosmetics hair @shanrbeauty

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Posted just 24 hours earlier, the picture above already has nearly 60,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments. The users of Instagram has littered the Flip or Flop star’s comment section with mostly positive feedback. Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, and breathtaking are a few of the words used to describe her in the picture above.

As those who follow Christina El Moussa regularly on social media may recall, the mother-of-two did give her fans a sneak peak of this stunning dress earlier this month. In the picture below, fans get a glimpse of the dress from behind as she attends a fitting.

Playing dress up at the most beautiful showroom ever- @waltercollection with @damir_k … so excited about this upcoming shoot… ❤️????????

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Christina also received mostly positive feedback in the comments of this picture as well. It did not, however, receive as much attention on Instagram as the picture she posted 24 hours ago has. Again, Instagram users referred to her as beautiful, stunning, and gorgeous. Some, however, wanted to know how she managed to walk around in such a tightly fitted black dress.

Christina El Moussa has been attracting a lot of attention with her gorgeous body on Instagram as just last week she stunned her fans with a few stunning bikini pictures. In the pictures, the Flip or Flop star can be seen wearing a purple bikini. Her 6-year-old daughter Taylor is also in the pictures wearing a matching purple bikini and bright smile.

Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog ???? Click link in my bio!! ????????

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Initially, El Moussa didn’t receive such positive feedback from her bikini pictures on Instagram. Instead, the Flip or Flop star was slammed by mommy-shamers who did not think her 6-year-old daughter should be wearing a bikini or posing for pictures in one.

@lspaceswim photoshoot with mommy ???? ????@damir_k @pinkdustcosmetics

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In a different picture where Christina is wearing the same bikini while holding her new family dog up in the air and giving the dog a kiss, she also got attacked by body-shamers. In the comments of this picture, the Flip or Flop star was slammed by body-shamers for being too skinny. Many of the commenters pointed out how unattractive her boney structure was.

For the most part, it appears as if the negative comments on Christina’s glamorous and stunning photos have been buried with more positive ones. Flip or Flop fans have reassured Christina that she is gorgeous and a great mother. Some have even commented on the fact that those her are slamming and shaming her are only doing so because they are jealous of her gorgeous body.

What are your thoughts on all of the attention Christina El Moussa is getting for her appearance lately? More importantly, what did you think of the glamorous and stunning photos she has shared on Instagram recently? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment’s section which can be found down below.

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