wwe rumors monday night raw general manager kurt angle eric bischoff

WWE Rumors: Another Huge Name From The Past Emerges As Possible New GM Of ‘Raw’

There have been a number of rumors regarding Mick Foley’s replacement as general manager of Monday Night Raw, but there has been a new name getting a lot of attention lately — and it is an interesting one. Foley really does need hip surgery, and that is the reason he has been written off of WWE television, but the flagship show needs some more guidance and it looks as if a name from the past could soon be back.

On the last episode of Raw, Stephanie McMahon decided to fire Foley from his position as general manager and send him packing. With the position open, the official website of WWE previewed how tonight’s show in Philadelphia regarding the slot left vacant by the hardcore legend’s “release.”

The company recently teased some big-time possibilities who could take over the role as GM on Monday nights, and there is always something more to those articles than hope. One of those names is someone who has led Raw before and could very well step up to take over the show again.

wwe rumors monday night raw general manager kurt angle eric bischoff
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Over the weekend, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer was on The LAW and spoke of the empty Raw GM spot currently sitting there on Mondays. While he believes that the rumors of Kurt Angle taking over are the most logical, he also believes there is another huge name who could end up in the spot, and it is Eric Bischoff.

As transcribed by Wrestling Rumors, Bischoff may soon find himself back on television before too long.

“I think Eric Bischoff is a great TV character. The key is, he’s been off of WWE TV for so long that it’s, I mean, he’s older, but it’s new now. But it’s not like ‘oh god, Eric Bischoff again?’ He was on TNA years ago, and he was good on TNA, but it wasn’t the right fit at that time. But now, it’s new, and he’s a good talker, and he’s got that authority thing going. I don’t expect it, but if I was in there in the war room, and somebody said ‘hey, let’s do this.’ I would say ‘yeah, let’s do it.’ But there’s other candidates. I have a feeling that the Raw guy is gonna end up being Kurt [Angle], but I know that for sure.”

Bischoff used to be in control of Monday Night Raw as the general manager many years ago, but he hasn’t been seen inthe company since 2007. Now, he will return this weekend to induct Diamond Dallas Page into the Hall of Fame, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him stick around for a few other things as well.

WrestleZone reported how Eric Bischoff recently spoke of Mick Foley’s storyline firing and said how hard the Raw GM job really is. He had this to say about Foley.

“I’m sure the stress of that (hip surgery) and the stress of being a General Manager of Raw and what that takes out of you. With the travel and living up to the expectations and just doing the job. It’s a very draining thing and a challenge.”

wwe rumors monday night raw general manager kurt angle eric bischoff
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As for Kurt Angle, rumors of him taking over the position have been around since last month when One India reported he could take over for Mick Foley. Angle is definitely coming back this weekend to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but it isn’t yet known if he will have any further involvement with the company.

Tonight, WWE will present the WrestleMania 33 go-home episode of Monday Night Raw, and the company is even teasing that a new general manager could be named to replace Mick Foley. It just doesn’t seem likely that one will be named until after the big PPV on Sunday, but stranger things have happened. While Kurt Angle may still be on top of the list of rumored names to take the position, Eric Bischoff could end up shocking the wrestling world.

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