Demitrius Manderfield: 20-Year-Old Dying In Michigan Jail Prompts #SaveDemitrius

Demitrius Manderfield: 20-Year-Old Dying In Michigan Jail Prompts #SaveDemitrius

The email came with the subject line, “My son is dying in jail. Please help me save him.” It was from Tia Sumner, mom of Demitrius Manderfield. In the email, Sumner wrote that her son Demitrius was in pain in jail with his medical condition not being treated.

“My name is Tia Sumner and I’m the mother of Demitrius Manderfield. I am emailing you with pain in my heart because my son is being tortured in a Michigan jail and will die if he does not receive help. He has not been convicted of any crime but has been caged behind bars for three months, and is being denied treatment for his painful and chronic illness sickle beta thalassemia. His judge, Judith Levy, promised that she would release him for treatment if his medical needs aren’t being met, but nothing has been done. Demitrius’ next court date is on April 7 and my efforts alone are not enough to save him. Will you fight with me? Please tell Judge Judith Levy: Release Demitrius Manderfield so he can receive health care before he dies in Milan Federal Correctional Facility.

As seen in the following Facebook post from Sumner, Tia wrote on Sunday, March 26, that she was afraid for her son, and posted his complaints about his back hurting and bemoaned a headache that wouldn’t go away.

According to The Root, the 20-year-old Demitrius was charged with sex trafficking. Manderfield’s mother is afraid that he won’t make it to his trial if Demitrius doesn’t get the medical attention he needs to save his life. Manderfield was diagnosed as a six-week-old baby with sickle beta thalassemia. It’s a condition that means Demitrius needs a blood transfusion every 21 days. It has been months since Manderfield has received blood transfusions, with the most recent blood transfusion happening on Christmas Eve, on December 24. Demitrius has not gotten his iron overload medication in four months.

On Tia’s Facebook page, at least one follower prompted Tia to go to the prison to check on Demitrius in person, but Tia wrote of wanting to have her son transported to the hospital.

“Got visiting papers yesterday have to be approved. Thinking of something else in the time being….that judge needs to let us ( his family) take from there by ambulance….get straight to emergency!!”

As reported by Fox 2 Detroit, Tia said that Manderfield could potentially die as a result of not getting blood transfusions. Demitrius was initially held in Midland, where he received his December blood transfusion. With Manderfield now being held at the Federal Correctional Institution, Milan, which is a federal prison in York Charter Township, Michigan, near Milan, he has been given Ibuprofen.

With Manderfield’s arrest in November, he was charged with sex trafficking a 15-year-old runaway.

Tia said that U.S. District Court Judge Judith Levy promised her son would receive medical treatment or be released. A doctor at the DMC reported that Demitrius’ condition needed to be treated right away. In a statement, Judge Levy was reportedly “well aware” of Mr. Manderfield’s medical condition since early March, and followed up with both the medical staff at the Milan Detention Center and U.S. Marshals.

However, Tia doesn’t understand why it has been difficult to get her son medical attention. According to Fox 2 Detroit, Manderfield’s lawyer said Demetrius has a forthcoming appointment with an oncology hematology specialist. Demetrius is also scheduled to appear in court on March 29. In the meantime, Manderfield’s mom is trying to get her son all the help she can to ensure he will make it to those upcoming dates.

Some of the social media posts from the public regarding Demitrius can be read on Twitter.

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