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Tori Spelling Husband Dean Avoids Jail In Support Tiff, Seen On Shopping Spree

Fans continue to scratch their heads as Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott continue to live a lavish lifestyle, shopping in high-end stores after Dean McDermott nearly went to jail last week for non-payment of child support. Dean was able to work out a deal with his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, to pay about two thousand dollars every other week, but he owes her nearly $100k in back support for care of their son Jack McDermott.

Due to lack of funds, Dean McDermott had to take the advice of a court-appointed lawyer after being charged with contempt of court after he stopped making child support payments to Mary Jo Eustace, and Jack McDermott’s private school, says the Inquisitr. Dean McDermott had one child with Mary Jo Eustace and just had his fifth child with second wife, Tori Spelling. Both Spelling and McDermott also continue to have severe financial struggles, owing back taxes and nearly $100k to American Express.

Our new little man Beau Dean McDermott is amazing!! Once again, I'm rockin my @daddycompany daddy Scrubs!! They've seen me through a lot of deliveries. Thanks for always being there Robert. #happyhealthymomma #happyhealthybaby #imsoblessed #blessedlife

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But even though Dean McDermott just escaped time in jail by making a small dent in the $100k he owes his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace, he was back out again shopping for luxury baby goods on Friday according to Radaronline. Tori Spelling and husband Dean are not the type of parents to let their baby go without the best that money can buy, and so McDermott was out on the hunt for more items for their fifth child.


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But less than a week after Dean McDermott was said to have begged the court and Eustace to let him avoid jail if he made small payments, he was seen exiting the Juvenile Shop in Sherman Oaks with a armload of bags and boxes for new baby Beau McDermott, his new baby with Tori Spelling. Dean McDermott will need to pay Mary Jo Eustace $2500 every two weeks in order to stay out of jail. Sources close to Eustace say if Dean is even a day late, he will face time behind bars. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are said to be $960k in the hole in overdue taxes.

But it’s not only Mary Jo Eustace demanding payment from Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling, as the couple likely will be back in court early next month for defaulting on a bank payment, says Daily Mail. With five children and mounting debts, Tori Spelling and husband Dean still continue to be living a lavish lifestyle, shopping and making big purchases.

In 2012, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took out a $400k loan, and have only paid back half, even though the full amount is now due. City National Bank has now issued a default judgment against the couple for $188,000, and will now go after the assets belonging to Tori and Dean. The couple are currently living in a $10k a month home, but in addition to the loan, Tori Spelling has also overdrawn her checking account at the same bank for an additional $17k.

But currently, the biggest threat to Dean McDermott’s freedom is his ex-wife Mary Jo, who could have put him behind bars last week. The judge asked Dean and Mary Jo to try and work out an arrangement, but the two were heard arguing in the courthouse hallway.

“You’re St Mary Jo, I can’t do anything right. Let’s go back to the $1,500 like we had before. I’m humiliated! Do you understand that? I have to protect my family. I’m struggling and you want me to go to jail? You’re trying to bury me!”

In the past, Mary Jo Eustace wrote a book about Dean leaving her for Tori Spelling, and included conversations between Dean and his friends where he bragged that he had hit the jackpot.

“You have no idea what this is going to do for my career! I’m with Tori Spelling now, I’m going to make millions!”

But Tori Spelling’s father left nearly all of his vast fortune to his wife, Candy Spelling and his son, Randy Spelling. Tori was given less than a million dollars, and that inheritance is said to be long gone.

Do you think that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott should stop their lavish spending in such a public way until they clear their debts? Do you think Mary Jo Eustace should put Dean behind bars to teach him a lesson?

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