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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: ‘Glee’ Star Cast As Jo’s Abusive Husband?

Grey’s Anatomy spoilers reveal that a new character is coming to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and he has a very familiar face. Former Glee star Matthew Morrison has reportedly been cast on the ABC medical drama, and he might be playing a highly anticipated character.

According to TV Line, Matthew Morrison is headed to Grey’s Anatomy for the end of Season 13, and while it hasn’t been confirmed, there is speculation circulating that Morrison may be portraying Jo’s former abusive husband. While Matthew has stayed mostly tight-lipped about his role on Grey’s, he did reveal that he was filming. Although he didn’t mention the TGIT staple by name, he confirmed he was playing a character named Dr. Paul Stadler. Of course, fans immediately began to wonder if Matthew would be appearing as Jo’s ex-husband, and viewers can’t wait to find out more details.

Matthew Morrison cast as Jo's abusive husband on Grey's Anatomy
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Last month, it was revealed that Grey’s Anatomy was looking to cast a Caucasian, 40-something male actor to portray a new doctor on the show. The character is described as being “appealing, charismatic and charming,” but also “manipulative” with a “scary dark side.” Of course, this sounds like it could easily be Jo’s former husband.

As many Grey’s Anatomy fans will remember, during the Season 12 finale, Jo was forced to turn down Alex’s marriage proposal. In a shocking turn of events, Jo later revealed to Andrew that she couldn’t marry Alex because she was already married to a man who used to beat her. Jo admitted she left the man and changed her name and that she was afraid he would eventually find her and kill her. If Matthew Morrison is playing this new dark character, fans are surely in for a treat.

Viewers will remember Morrison best as the happy-go-lucky Spanish teacher will Schuester, who led Glee’s choir, the New Directions, to a national title and became their friend and mentor in times of need. However, a darker role might be exactly what the actor needs to break out of Mr. Shue’s shadow and begin an entirely new chapter in his career.

The new Grey’s Anatomy doctor is expected to show up at the end of Season 13 and return when the show comes back for Season 14 in the fall. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, photos of Matthew Morrison and Justin Chambers, who plays Alex Karev on the show, were leaked on social media, and fans couldn’t be more excited about the possibility of Jo coming face to face with her former husband and possibly getting some closure on the subject once and for all.

Jo’s storyline will be a great way for the ABC medical drama to shine a light on domestic violence, and do it in a way that will impact many viewers watching at home.

Meanwhile, Grey’s Anatomy fans have much more to look forward to as Season 13 dwindles down. Meredith and Nathan will progress their relationship, and Maggie is sure to find out that her sister has been lying to her in addition to learning that her mother is suffering from breast cancer. Amelia and Owen’s marriage is in shambles, and the two will have to decide whether to let it go or work through the issues that divide them. Of course, April and Jackson will also have to come to terms with their recent romantic reunion, and many fans are hoping that the two will officially get back together and raise their daughter, Harriett.

What are your thoughts on the latest Grey’s Anatomy spoilers? Are you excited that Matthew Morrison is joining the cast? Would you like to see him portray Jo’s abusive former husband?

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