Josh Duggar Isn't Broke Despite Enduring Two Sex Scandals

Josh Duggar Isn’t Broke Despite Enduring Two Sex Scandals

Josh Duggar is going to be welcoming his fifth child into the world at some point this summer or in the early fall. He announced the joyous news with his wife Anna on the official Duggar Facebook page just a little over a week ago. There hasn’t been a lot of talk from him or his wife in the two years since his scandals rocked their world. Duggar has been out of sex rehab for a year now and is moving on with is life as if nothing ever happened.

There has been a lot of talk about how Josh Duggar can support his growing family without doing the reality show the Duggars are a part of on TLC. It was revealed last year that he was working on the family’s car lot to make ends meet for his family of six. Duggar and his wife Anna had four children at the time, their youngest born in the middle of the scandal mess.

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According to the Hollywood Gossip, Josh Duggar has a net worth of $200,000. While that is by no means wealthy, he can make ample money to support his growing family without appearing on Counting On. This is good news for Josh because he has been banned from appearing on the TLC network indefinitely because of his scandals. In fact, his family’s original show, 19 Kids and Counting, was canceled immediately following the news of his molestation scandal in May of 2015.

Anna Duggar has had several mean things said about her for remaining married to Josh Duggar. It has been a very long two years for the couple, especially since he had spent six months away from his wife and children doing rehabilitation for sex addiction in an Illinois facility. Rumors of Anna being pregnant were happening on and off for the entire time he was dealing with his issues. Just a few weeks ago, the Duggar family wished Josh a happy birthday on their page and used an old photo of the couple and their children. That immediately reignited the pregnancy rumors and just a while later, the announcement came. Several critics have spoken out about Anna falling pregnant again and how a baby will not save their marriage. Despite all of the negative opinions, the two are celebrating the new blessing they will be receiving in just a few months.

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It appears that Josh Duggar is doing well in the car business. In fact, it was recently announced that a second location for the business had been opened. This means there is plenty of work coming in and with that, money. Of course, Jim Bob Duggar has been rumored to be helping Josh and Anna with their lives because of the way things turned out. After the scandals were revealed, Duggar and his wife had to move back to Arkansas from DC. It hasn’t been easy on the couple, but they have remained together through it all. Adding another child to their family is something they are looking forward to, and it looks like there won’t be too much worry about money.

Fans are sad they won’t be able to see Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar welcome their new son into the world as they have with some of their older children. They have become rather private when it comes to their lives. Their social media accounts have not been active and the only photos fans have seen from the couple have been through the family blog. Things appear to be going well for Josh Duggar in the financial department, and it looks like the sex scandals didn’t affect his cash flow negatively.

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