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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Shocked By Discovery Of Valentin’s Secret

All will soon be revealed on ABC’s General Hospital as Anna Devane will be learning exactly what the secret is that she seems to share with Valentin Cassadine. She can’t remember what happened between them, and now her past is coming back to haunt her. She is about to find out this week what it is that she has blocked out all these years.

In a recent sneak peek that General Hospital posted on Twitter, it shows Anna as she continues to dig around to find out what it is that she can’t remember. She is totally desperate to discover what Valentin is trying to keep hidden. In the only memories that she has of him is that they were both working for the WSB. She remembers how different he looked back then and that she didn’t share these feelings for her.

She rejected him long ago, and that seemed to be why he hates her so much now. However, it looks like it goes way beyond that, as it was revealed that she actually put him on a kill list with the WSB. She has no idea why she would do such a thing and wants to know what occurred to force her to do that. Valentin had previously been taunting her about their past, but he now wants her to let it go.

Anna Devane is not one to be told what to do, so she is taking matters into her own hands trying to figure out what is going on. In the new video clip, it looks like she finally may discover something that really shocks her. She is seen at the hospital holding a folder full of papers. It is not revealed yet what she is looking at, but it certainly has her reeling.

Will this be the reveal that Griffin Munro is her son, or will it be something totally different? When Olivia Jerome told Anna that she knows a secret about her, most General Hospital fans assumed that she was talking about Griffin being Anna’s son that she thought she had miscarried years ago. Now, with the connection that was revealed last week between Liv and Valentin Cassadine, it sounds like she may know all about Anna’s past with him.

What could be so bad that Anna has completely blocked out of her mind? This week on General Hospital will begin with Anna going to confront Valentin once again, and by the end of the week, it looks like he may cave in and let her in on what went on between them. According to spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Valentin will try to fill Anna in on her blocked memories of their past.

It is not certain whether this is before or after Anna discovers those files at the hospital, but either way, it should all come to light very soon. Those medical files could be that she discovers Griffin is her child, or maybe she finds out that he isn’t Duke’s son after all. It could also be something that she finds out about Valentin and his daughter Charlotte. Their father-daughter relationship does seem to be a little unclear at the moment despite the fact that Charlotte really seems to love her daddy.

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There has always been a question as to whether he really is Valentin Cassadine or if he is just posing as him. Could the discovery be that he is someone else? However this all plays out, General Hospital fans are clearly ready to see what happens between these two. In fact, many would like to see them as a couple. He tries to hate Anna, but it looks like it is quite the opposite despite being newly married to Nina.

What do you think is this dirty little secret that Valentin is keeping from Anna? Be sure to watch General Hospital this week to see more of this story line.

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