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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Inside Brady’s Shocking Confession

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Brady has a shocking confession to make. However, the only shock will be for one character in particular because Days of Our Lives fans can see this reveal coming from a mile away. So what’s the big confession from Brady? Well, according to the spoilers Brady will reveal that he’s in love with Nicole and wants to raise a family with her.

Of course, everyone knew that Brady was in love with Nicole. The do-gooder would have never helped her escape with baby Holly if he didn’t have feelings for her. That said, there is a little bit of an element of surprise for Days of Our Lives fans. No one really expected Brady to admit his enormous feelings or his new plan anytime soon. Fans of the show probably thought he would help her escape out her sticky situation and that would be all but it seems like Brady really wants to go the distance with her.

Days of Our Lives spoilers highlight that Brady doesn’t get the response that he’s looking for once he reveals his feelings. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, after he confesses his feelings for her, Nicole won’t look as though she’s ready to just jump into a relationship with him. Although she’s thankful for all that he’s done for her and baby Holly, regarding not turning her in when she kidnapped her baby from Chloe, she has a lot to consider before starting a romantic relationship.

By now Days of Our Lives fans know that Nicole is impulsive and flighty, but she’s giving this some serious thought, especially since her relationship with Deimos didn’t turn out well or help out when it came to getting custody of Holly. It sounds like she is really focused on living a life for her daughter now that she has her back in her grasp.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal another big reason behind her hesitance is the fact that Brady has Tate to focus on and if he can’t devote his attention to Tate then it might not be worth pursuing a relationship. Nicole believes that their web is too tangled to go through with a relationship considering they have their own sets of problems to deal with, let alone living a life on the run.

Aside from her worries, Days of Our Lives viewers know that this is something that the pair has confronted before. The couple has tried out a relationship in the past, but it didn’t work out. This also gives her pause in going forward with a relationship. It’s said that Brady isn’t entertaining any of this because he’s fallen head over heels in love and it’s proven that he’s willing to risk it all for her.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that she has other matters at hand, specifically, Hillary’s husband Scooter. The spoilers state that Scooter is a sex addict so it’s assumed this character may unveil her secret past as a porn star, which as Days of Our Lives fans can probably guess, will have major implications for Nicole and her baby. If Brady finds out about her shocking past, it might mean that he’ll turn his back on her.

What do you think of these Days of Our Lives spoilers? Will Brady and Nicole get to have a shot at love?

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