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Daycare Worker Arrested For Slamming Child’s Face Into The Ground

When parents leave their children in the care of someone else for the day, they hope that they will be treated as they treat them at home. Unfortunately for the parents of a 4-year-old from Spring, Texas, every parents’ worst nightmare came true when it was exposed that their child’s head had been slammed to the ground by one of the workers at her daycare.

Gregory Diglin, who worked at the Children’s Lighthouse Daycare, has now been arrested for injuring the child. Released surveillance video shows him losing his cool on the girl after she apparently told him she didn’t want to do something, which any daycare worker should know is pretty common for a 4-year-old.

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Gregory Diglin’s booking photo [Image by Montgomery County Constable Pct. 3]

He is being held on a $250,000 bond, which the Montgomery County police admit is pretty large. However, they say this is because they take child injury and neglect seriously and want to show others in the area that they aren’t messing around when it comes to child welfare.

According to reports, when the mother picked up her daughter from her daycare, her lip was swollen. The child, who is described as very bright and articulate for her age, told her mother exactly what happened.

The story was corroborated by disturbing video evidence that has been released to the public, showing Diglin shouting at the little girl and slamming her head against the floor. Due to the nature of the abuse, the little girl is very lucky she did not sustain any long-term serious brain injuries from the ordeal.

She is, however, expected to have dental effects that may present a problem for her for several years.

Immediately after hearing her child’s side of the story, the girl’s mother called the police to report the incident.

Diglin is no longer employed at the Children’s Lighthouse Daycare, but disturbingly the school has been reported to the Texas Department of Family Protection Services a total of 31 times in the past two years. Nine of these incidents were classified as extremely serious, which should make any parent considering placing their child in the care of that facility extremely wary of their ability to look after children properly.

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Children enjoying their day at daycare. [Image by Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]

The daycare released a statement about the events.

“A teacher who is now no longer employed at Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony acted in a manner that neither we nor our franchisee accept or condone. The owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony terminated the teacher’s employment immediately. Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company and the owners of Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony are cooperating with local authorities to ensure that the situation is handled properly.

“The Children’s Lighthouse of Spring Harmony is independently owned and operated and has established a reputation for being a warm, welcoming and safe environment for young children and their families. The educational daycare center continues to live up this reputation for the families.

“The safety and heath of all Children’s Lighthouse students is a top priority, and the training of staff is always ongoing. Additionally, the training that Children’s Lighthouse Franchise Company provides its franchisees extends beyond state regulations,” they said.

Because of the nature of Diglin’s assault on the innocent child, the school and police are both concerned that other children may have been abused in his care. They are asking anyone who has been abused or is concerned about their child’s welfare to phone Investigator Epperson at 281-364-4211.

[Featured Image by Montgomery County Jail]