Sara Gilbert had trouble reading teh names of her Daytime Emmy rivals

Sara Gilbert Screws Up ‘The View’s’ Emmy Nod, Whoopi Goldberg Calls Her Out

Sara Gilbert had a rough ride when it was her turn to announce the Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host. Gilbert, a creator and co-host on CBS’ The Talk, stumbled over the names of several members of the cast of rival daytime chat fest, The View.

During the live announcement, Sara incorrectly pronounced the last names of View co-hosts Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila, and Sunny Hostin, as well as The Real‘s Adrienne Houghton and Jeannie Mai. It was clear that Gilbert was nervous, and the look on co-host Julie Chen’s face made it clear that she also knew Sara screwed up big time. Sara Gilbert had no problem saying the full names of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Candace Cameron Bure, Raven-Symoné and Paula Faris. (You can see Sara Gilbert’s ill-fated Emmy announcement at the end of this article.)

Still, it didn’t take long for The View moderator Goldberg to sarcastically call The Talk out for Sara Gilbert’s faux pas. E! News posted a video of Goldberg throwing shade at Gilbert’s awkward announcement of the Daytime Emmy nominees the next day.

“I think [the nominations] were announced on The Talk and I think a couple of the women weren’t sure about the pronunciation of everyone’s names,” Whoopi Goldberg said to her co-hosts on The View. “So please introduce yourself so people know.”

View mainstays Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila, and Sunny Hostin all delivered their full names for clarification. Goldberg went on to explain that she just wanted to make sure everyone knows how to pronounce the cast’s names.

“We just wanted to say, ‘Hey, here’s how you do our names,’ ’cause maybe our names or some of our names are a little more difficult for folks.”

A mortified Sara Gilbert didn’t let the diss go by. The day after the Emmy nods, Sara started off on The Talk by apologizing for mispronouncing her rivals’ monikers.

“I got so many names wrong because I was so nervous and normally when we say people’s names, we’ve gone over who the guests are and we practiced but this was an in the moment thing where we were finding out right along with you who was nominated,” Gilbert explained.

“So I made several mistakes and I was even nervous when I was saying it knowing I was saying things wrong. So I’m very, very sorry to any of the women whose names I got wrong. It was a true mistake. I respect you guys. I congratulate you. I would never want to take away from your moment.”

Many fans felt Sara Gilbert’s apology was heartfelt and took to Twitter to defend the former child star for her mistake.

While Sara Gilbert’s apology seemed sincere, there’s no denying that The View and The Talk have had a long rivalry. Gilbert hasn’t spoken out in detail about the rival show, but Chen has downright trashed it. According to The Wrap, Chen previously told radio host Howard Stern that the ABC daytime talk show has been “unrecognizable” ever since the 2014 departure of Barbara Walters. Chen revealed that she was at an event with the former View boss, and Walters admitted she was “toying with the idea” of going back to try to save her flagship daytime talk show.

According to Chen, everyone in the meeting said, “‘Are you kidding me?’ Everyone told her, ‘Barbara, that ship has sailed. No one can turn it around. Stay away, it will only hurt your image.”

And Sara Gilbert’s fellow Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne said on air that View host Joy Behar is one of the rudest celebrities she has ever encountered, and she used the word “celebrity” lightly.

“I don’t know about famous… she’s a TV personality,” Osbourne said. “Well, they’re not world famous or anything.”

Osbourne revealed that she ran into Behar at an event and The View co-host looked at her as if she had “leprosy.” Sharon also revealed that when she was a guest on The View, Behar didn’t talk to her at all.

Take a look at the video below to see Sara Gilbert struggling to announce the Daytime Emmy nominees on The Talk.

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