Celine Dion Reportedly Put The ‘D’ In Diva Advising Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’

Celine Dion Reportedly Put The 'D' In Diva Advising Gwen Stefani On 'The Voice' [Featured Image by NBC]

The Voice is packed with superstars, but Celine Dion bested everyone when it comes to the diva department. An inside source told Radar Online that Dion was the biggest diva producers have ever brought on the show.

“Celine acted like she was a superstar the moment she walked on set to tape her episodes,” the insider shared. “She was extremely entitled and was just not friendly or welcoming to the production crew at all!”

Dion was brought on to guest star as Gwen Stefani’s mentor this season. Producers gave Dion the best treatment and she brought along an entourage of friends for her segment. When the cameras started rolling, however, Dion really put the “D” in Diva.

“She had to do several retakes and complained about everything from her hair and make-up, to the outfit that was chosen for her,” the source added.

Dion wasn’t the only diva on the set. The No Doubt alum has also been playing the part of the diva this year, which makes her and Dion the perfect match. A source revealed that Stefani’s behavior has turned members of the production crew against her, even though everyone used to like her.

E! News, meanwhile, released a new outtakes clip that features Dion in action. The singer is shown helping Stefani with her team and seems to be having a great time. At one point, Dion tells everyone that she’s actually a vampire and later sings the alphabet.

According to ET Online, Dion made her debut on The Voice Monday night. With the blind auditions a wrap, the coaches are entering the battle rounds and brought their mentors in for some extra help. For Stefani, learning from her idol is a dream come true.

“I have the real Celine Dion right here! I’m so honored to have you here, it’s unbelievable how many people love you,” she told her team. “I’m here to learn from you today.”

Stefani absolutely loves Dion’s music and its ability to influence people around the world. In a solo segment, Stefani told the audience that she’s thankful to be around Dion and called her a “phenomenon.”

Stefani’s team was even more stunned to meet and interact with the legendary singer. JChosen, who amazed the coaches during the blind auditions, was very nervous to sing in front of Dion and admitted that it was an “intimidating” experience.

Dion gave a lot of advice to Stefani’s team and specifically coached them on how to interact with the crowd. She told them to always keep their focus on the audience and try to intimidate them as much as possible.

“What I like about The Voice its hat I get to be stunned by amazing talents,” she explained. “This is the new generation, so we really have to take responsibility as mentors to give them some tools.”

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Following the episode, Dion shared some love and support for Stefani on social media. She told Stefani that she had a lot of fun working with her on The Voice. Stefani shared similar thoughts about Dion during her latest interview with Seth Meyers, calling her mentor “the ultimate person that you would want to be on there.”

Stefani and the other coaches have not commented on the diva rumors surrounding Dion. The battle rounds continued Tuesday night. Apart from Dion, the other mentors include DJ Khaled, Luke Bryan, and John Legend. Stefan managed to steal Brennley Brown from Blake Shelton Mo last week but lost Kenny P., who was sent home after the battle.

Fans can watch new episodes of The Voice Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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