Watch SWFL eagle cam live streaming online

Watch SWFL Eagle Cam Live, E9 Flies And Soars As Prepares For Final Farewell

The juvenile bald eagle E9 made famous by the SWFL cam has made tremendous advances since slipping and falling from the nest earlier this month. The Southwest Florida Eagle Cam is set up on Dick Pritchett’s private property and consists of three cams that stream 24/7. One cam is focused on the nest, one on Pritchett’s pasture and a third on a branch above the nest. Since E9 fell from the tree and made an accidental flight on March 14, 2017, the bald eagle has mastered flying skills and even soared against the backdrop of a clear, Florida blue sky. There is no doubt that E9 is preparing for his or her final farewell flight. Until E9 fledges and the cam is shut down until the next season, you can watch it live streaming online in the video player below. The cam features E9, mother Harriet and father M15 and all three cams are included in the playlist.

YouTube user Wskrsnwings continues to share wonderful video footage and recaps of E9’s latest adventures. On March 22, 2017, she shared a video featuring E9 making short flights and landing near the pond and perching on a fence. You can see that video below. There is no question that E9 is mastering flight and the progress he or she has made in approximately two weeks is staggering.

Wskrsnwings has documented E9’s milestones and greatest adventures, and as E9 nears his or her final fledge, there is no doubt Wskrsnwings will capture that moment as well. In the following video, you can see as E9 practices more landing and flying skills. E9 has also been learning how to self-feed, and though hunting and fishing lessons are being taught, Harriet and M15 continue to bring food back to the nest for E9 to enjoy. E9 is quickly becoming an independent bald eagle, but in many ways is still Harriet’s and M15’s little eaglet. E9 has begun self-preening. For those who’ve watched Harriet incessantly preening E9 and E9’s apparent agitation at the behavior, this is just one more reminder that E9 is quickly growing up.

Another YouTube user who provides many videos featuring E9 is LadyHawk. While Wskrsnwings makes original videos, LadyHawk catches E9’s special moments from the live cam and presents them in video format. On March 25, 2017, LadyHawk shared a video showing E9 frolicking by the pasture pond and watching the horses. E9 has come a long way since that original fall and time spent in amazement on the ground for the first time. No longer is E9 behaving in awestruck wonder, but rather galavants with sincere curiosity and boldness.

E9’s lessons don’t end in the nest or air, but take place on the ground as well. While E9 was frolicking in the pasture, Harriet and M15 brought food to the ground for their growing eaglet. E9 quickly took possession of the food and mastered ground eating. Wskrsnwings captured a wonderful video featuring E9 on March 25 as he or she learned new skills that are paramount to the bald eagle’s survival. One of the nice aspects of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam is that the three cams are set up in a way that you can see more activity than just the nest. Wskrsnwings original videos are almost like having a fourth cam or an additional point of view. Due to the variety of cams and Wskrsnwing footage, you get a comprehensive view of life on the pasture. You not only see the eagle family but can watch as they interact with other animals and birds.

On March 26, 2017, Wskrsnwings shared a video featuring E9 soaring on his or her first flight against the sky. This was not one of E9’s little flights from one tree back to the nest or from the pasture to the fence. This was E9 soaring through the skies with storks and vultures. For those who’ve watched E9 since hatching day on New Year’s Eve, it was a joyous yet bittersweet occasion. E9 has made many strides, and Sunday’s flight serves as a reminder that it won’t be long before E9 takes one final, farewell fledge.

Do you watch the SWFL eagle cam? Are you following other eagles whose eggs are on hatch watch or hatching now? Will you miss E9 when he or she fledges the nest? Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Ray Hennessy/Shutterstock]