wwe rumors nxt andre the giant memorial battle royal wrestlemania 33

WWE Rumors: These Names From WWE And NXT Could Join Andre The Giant Battle Royal

One of the bigger matches at WrestleMania 33 will have more superstars in it than any other on the card, but WWE is sure taking their sweet time in revealing who will be in it. There is now less than a week to go until the biggest pay-per-view of the year, and the annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is once again on the card. However, only four names have been announced for it. Who else will be in it?

For a fourth straight year, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal will take place at WrestleMania, and a giant trophy awaits the winner. Whoever is the last person standing will have their name etched in history alongside previous winners such as Cesaro, Big Show, and Baron Corbin.

wwe rumors nxt andre the giant memorial battle royal wrestlemania 33
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Looking at the official website for WWE, there are only four superstars named for the match as of yet, and that is far too few for a battle royal. This is a match that is essentially there to allow superstars a chance to be on the WrestleMania card if they aren’t in a program/feud of their own. So far, the four names entered are as follows.

  • Big Show
  • Curt Hawkins
  • Mojo Rawley
  • Apollo Crews

For the past year, a match between Big Show and NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal had been promoted, but it ended up being canceled within the last month. Once WWE learned it wouldn’t be happening, it was too late to do anything else and Big Show was put into this battle royal.

More names will likely be revealed on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw and tomorrow on SmackDown Live, but rumors are already flying. Looking at the official card that is already in place, many superstars who don’t yet have a match could easily be added to the bout without question.

Some of the main event or mid-card WWE superstars without a WrestleMania 33 match are as follows.

  • Luke Harper
  • Braun Strowman
  • Dolph Ziggler
  • Sami Zayn
  • American Alpha – Chad Gable and Jason Jordan
  • Goldust
  • Finn Balor
  • R-Truth
  • Mark Henry
  • Sin Cara
  • Kalisto

Kane does not have a match either, but as the Inquisitr recently reported, he has been off of WWE television due to healing up some injuries and preparing for a run at being a Tennessee mayor. Bleacher Report is still listing him as one of the most likely rumored superstars to show up at WrestleMania 33, though, and anything is possible.

Another big superstar without a match on the card is Samoa Joe, who made his WWE main roster debut just a couple of months ago. While he didn’t have much time to build up a program/feud, the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal would be a great place for him to make his WrestleMania debut.

wwe rumors nxt andre the giant memorial battle royal wrestlemania 33
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Sportskeeda is of the belief that a number of names from NXT could end up making it into the battle royal, and that is a real possibility. They could appear in the match and still not have it be their WWE main roster call-up, much in the same way that Tye Dilliner did at the Royal Rumble in January.

Their top choices for NXT appearances in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal are as follows.

  • Dylan Miley
  • No Way Jose
  • Elias Samson
  • Hideo Itami
  • Tye Dillinger

There are more than enough superstars to fill up the match and the winner of it will go on to bigger and better things, but who will it be? IW Nerd is reporting that Braun Strowman will likely emerge as the ultimate victor, but anything is possible.

The annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal is not a match that will deliver a championship or anything like that, but victory in it is a great honor to have. WrestleMania 33 will feature the match full of superstars once again, but there are only four men who have been entered into it as of Monday morning. Yes, more will enter the match, but with a card almost completely finalized, it is odd that WWE hasn’t actually announced more names yet.

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