YouTube Giraffe Live Cam Exciting Update

YouTube Giraffe Live Cam: Exciting Update Staff Indicates ‘We Are Getting There’

April the giraffe has overrun the internet, with millions of people heading to YouTube to view the giraffe live. Cam viewers have been watching religiously ever since news hit social media and YouTube in the middle of February that she was due to give birth at any time. It is now over a month later and April the giraffe still has not had her baby. The YouTube giraffe live cam is still streaming, and we are still waiting.

The YouTube giraffe live feed is fairly monotonous, with a few exciting moments splashed into April’s repetitive pacing, eating and sleeping motions. There have not been many changes lately, but that is about to change. The Animal Adventure Park in New York, where April and her mate Oliver reside, posted an exciting update on April this morning.

“April had us watching the monitors close last night. Her behavior was interesting last night, and is noted as continued this morning. She is very relaxed, tail has been raising on and off for periods of time. Wax caps are in place but we have noted a significant mammary change! We are getting there! Any changes will be posted throughout the day.”

An additional update was posted late last night on the Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook status. The information that was given on April the giraffe was short but did give some new information regarding the movement of April’s baby.

“Keeper report is increased calf activity in comparison to this morning and last evening.
All other development is as previously reported. Appetite is strong and demeanor is good.”

According to the morning update given by the Animal Adventure Park yesterday, the baby has been extremely quiet as of late. The morning keeper report for March 26 refers to the baby’s stillness as a potential “calm before the storm.” People following along with the YouTube giraffe live cam are wondering, yet again, if this peaceful and quiet period could be a temporary lull before the storm of activity soon to come.

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April the giraffe’s belly continues to grow more and more each day. Her pregnancy is progressing in “true April fashion.” She is showcasing more signs of being closer to active labor than she was just a few days ago. The Animal Adventure Park staff put it perfectly in stating, “She keeps us guessing – she keeps on growing!!”

April the giraffe’s veterinarian, Dr. Tim, spoke to viewers in a YouTube video that was produced by April’s new sponsor, Toys R Us. He let everyone know that April is progressing fine. There is nothing abnormal going on, and she is not in any distress or pain. April’s baby has nearly doubled in size since this past Monday, which is approximately twice the size that April’s calf was last week.

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April’s vet has also informed viewers that the normal gestation of a giraffe calf is 15 months, give or take 60 days. This means that faithful viewers of the YouTube live giraffe cam on may have to wait until April to witness the birth of a calf. The staff members of the park, however, continue to tell their viewers that we can expect to see a calf “soon.” As previously mentioned, the morning update today was exciting, and encouraging to YouTube’s giraffe live cam viewers worldwide.

April the giraffe found a home at the Animal Adventure Park in September of 2015. Even though this will be April’s fourth calf, it is the first giraffe to be born at the zoo. Park owner Jordan Patch has mentioned that the video will to stream post-birth on YouTube. Live giraffe feed will continue until the baby is five days old. Fans of April the giraffe will be able to watch the baby nurse, take its first steps, and bond with his or her mother live on YouTube.

During this time, a contest will be held to name the calf. Who knows, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones to catch the birth of her calf. To keep an eye on April, watch the YouTube giraffe live cam below.

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