Kailyn Lowry Reportedly Blindsided By Javi's New Romance, Keeping Lincoln Away? [Featured Image by MTV]

Kailyn Lowry Reportedly Blindsided By Javi’s New Romance, Keeping Lincoln Away?

It didn’t take long for Javi Marroquin to find a new girlfriend. The Teen Mom 2 star recently confirmed that he is dating Madison Channing Walls — less than a year after his divorce from Kailyn Lowry. How did she react to the startling news?

According to Radar Online, Walls confirmed that she is dating Marroquin.

“Javi and I are definitely together,” Walls explained. “We are definitely boyfriend and girlfriend.”

The Teen Mom star hooked up with the Real World: Skeletons alum after meeting on Instagram. The two then went on a date in Philadelphia, which included a romantic dinner and drinks. Marroquin called the evening “awesome.”

“We enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and then later I had my friends come out to meet her and we all went out and danced and drank and just had a really good time,” he shared. “It was awesome.”


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Walls says she completely fell for the reality star because he is a “gentleman.” She also likes his values and the fact that he stands up for what he believes is morally right. Despite their immediate connection, Marroquin and Walls have not introduced their kids to one another.

Walls has a 1-year-old daughter, Harper, with Tony Raines. Marroquin shares a 3-year-old son, Lincoln, with Lowry. The two haven’t put the kids together because they don’t want to introduce them this early in their relationship. It won’t be long, however, before Marroquin meets Wall’s daughter.

“I’m going to introduce him to my friends and family and Harper and yeah it should just be a really good time and then we are already making plans for this summer together,” she stated.

How does Kailyn Lowry really feel about her ex-husband’s new fling? An inside source told Hollywood Life that Lowry is super jealous that Marroquin moved on so quickly after their divorce. Although she claims that Marroquin’s romance doesn’t bother her, the source revealed that Lowry is “acting real jealous.”

“She’s been checking out Madison on social media since she found out about her and Javi,” the insider added.

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Lowry’s jealousy is a bit odd given how she was the one who ended their marriage. She also got pregnant with her third child after the divorce. Perhaps seeing Marroquin with another woman finally made it sink in that things are officially over. Whatever the source of the jealousy, Lowry is trying to use the kids against him.

“Javi can date whoever he wants, but Kailyn really doesn’t want her sons around her. That’s always the way she tries to control him — she uses the kids,” the insider added.

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In addition to dealing with Marroquin’s recent bombshell, Lowry is preparing to have another baby. She hasn’t announced the identity of the father but did confirm that it is a close friend she dated for a brief time.

Despite all the drama, Marroquin only had good things to say about Lowry’s new pregnancy. A few weeks after Lowry filed a protection from abuse order, Marroquin stated that he only wants the baby and Lowry to be healthy.

To complicate things even further, Walls has a shady past. The reality star is a recovering heroin addict and was arrested in 2013 for stealing cosmetics from a CVS pharmacy. The official court documents reveal that Walls stole over $50 worth of cosmetics from the store and pled guilty to the crime.

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