wwe news spirit squad mikey kenny removed active roster

WWE News: Two Superstars Quietly Removed From WWE’s Active Roster

Usually, when WWE parts ways with a superstar, there is a write-up or rumors floating around or at least something wishing them well in their future endeavors. Interestingly enough, there have been two superstars quietly removed from the main roster of the company for the SmackDown Live brand, and no word or announcement was given at all. To those paying attention, though, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise since they haven’t been seen since mid-November.

Even though they haven’t been seen on WWE television in months, Nicky and Mikey of the Spirit Squad had remained on the main roster for SmackDown Live. If anyone went to WWE’s official website and checked out all the superstar profiles, they were right there on the list.

Well, that is no longer the case.

wwe news spirit squad mikey kenny removed active roster
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Cageside Seats has pointed out that the two returning members of the Spirit Squad have now been officially removed from the main roster of SmackDown Live. It was very quietly done, but they are no longer on the page for Team Blue and have been moved over to the WWE Alumni section.

In the fall of last year, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler were feuding with one another over the Intercontinental Championship and it was actually a pretty good program. At No Mercy, a match was set up with Ziggler’s career on the line if he couldn’t capture the title which he ended up doing.

The Miz brought back Spirit Squad members Kenny and Mikey in early October to fight against Ziggler, but “The Showoff” was usually able to get the better of them. Many may not remember it, but Ziggler was a member of the original Spirit Squad under the name of “Nicky,” and he has obviously been the most successful one of the bunch.

After Ziggler won the Intercontinental Title from The Miz, the Spirit Squad members teamed with The Miz to face Ziggler, Heath Slater, and Rhyno on a few occasions. Kenny and Mikey even received a shot at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships held by Rhyno and Slater, but they failed in their attempt to capture them.

wwe news spirit squad mikey kenny removed active roster
[Image by WWE]

Mikey and Kenny continued to wrestle off and on for WWE until mid-November until quietly disappearing from television. At this point, they started appearing on the independent scene again and no one really thought much of it, but it would be odd if they had actually been under contract.

WrestleZone pointed out that the Spirit Squad members were never actually under contract with WWE and were simply working on pay-per-appearance opportunities. Each time they appeared for the company, they would get paid and once they weren’t needed any longer, they just disappeared.

Even though they were no longer actually working for the company, the Spirit Squad were still being shown as members of the active roster for SmackDown Live. That is kind of odd considering that WWE is usually very quick on making sure the website matches current storylines.

Just a couple of weeks ago, AJ Styles was “fired” by Daniel Bryan for viciously attacking Shane McMahon on an episode of SmackDown Live. Even though his release was part of a storyline, the official website of WWE had him moved to the Alumni page within 24 hours, but he has since been moved back.

The Spirit Squad really was a pretty big part of WWE storylines when they first debuted on television as they were the hired goons of Vince McMahon. They had matches against Big Show and Kane, fought off Shawn Michaels, and even had a run with the World Tag Team Championship at one time. Mikey and Kenny’s return to SmackDown Live may have been fun for the feud between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, but it was short-lived as they’ve now been removed for good.

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