Is Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani's flirting hurting 'The Voice'?

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani: Are They Helping Or Hurting ‘The Voice’ Season 12?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s flirting on Season 12 of The Voice has raised some eyebrows ever since the couple was reunited on the show last month, but is their flirting and PDA actually helping or hurting the NBC show?

A number of The Voice fans were quick to slam the couple after seeing Shelton and Stefani getting seriously cozy during the first few blind auditions of Season 12, which Yahoo! reported saw Gwen sit on Blake’s lap as the two flirting their way through the premiere.

Gwen and Blake were quickly accused of turning viewers off the show after ratings saw a pretty steep drop during the premiere week, as Inquisitr reported. Compared to Monday night’s Season 12 The Voice premiere earlier this month, Wednesday night’s installment brought in 2 million fewer viewers, according to TV By The Numbers.

The Voice also appears to have struggled to keep up the momentum in the wake of the show’s Season 12 premiere as fans watched Stefani and Shelton flirting, as TV By The Numbers reported that the most recent battle round shows which aired on March 20 and 21 brought in around 10.74 million and 10.78 million viewers, more than 2 million fewer than the premiere.

Fans have also been quick to throw in their two cents on Blake and Gwen’s The Voice flirting on social media, claiming that seeing Stefani and Shelton cuddling up isn’t exactly their favorite part of the current season.

'The Voice' Season 12: Are Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani helping or hurting ratings?
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“I really dislike watching the current season of The Voice [because] it’s supposed to be about the contestants not about Blake and Gwen,” Twitter user @evie_136 wrote of Shelton and Stefani, while @Th_t1Ric_n added, “I have been watching the voice for years and Blake and Gwen have made this season the Gwen and Blake show. Not cool.”

But not everyone is slamming Gwen and Blake for flirting on The Voice, as some even took to the social media site to claim that they actually enjoyed tuning into the current season of the NBC show to see Stefani and Shelton’s undeniable chemistry.

“It takes 4ever for me to watch The Voice [because] I constantly pause the stream to breathe cuz I can’t handle Gwen and Blake’s beauty and hotness,” @deepblue_814 tweeted of seeing Shelton and Stefani flirting on The Voice, while @threelilbirdsss wrote online, “Gwen and Blake are too freaking cute okay #TheVoice.”

The Voice fan @phiephernelia also gushed over Shelton and Stefani’s flirting, writing on the social media site of the couple putting their relationship very much on display on The Voice, “this Gwen-Blake stuff on the voice s12 is kinda cute actually #thevoice.”

But while ratings for Season 12 of The Voice may not be the highest after Gwen and Blake reunited in their red spinning chairs, there’s no doubting that Shelton and Stefani’s flirting certainly has fans across the nation talking about The Voice, including the couple themselves.

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani - Are They Helping Or Hurting 'The Voice' Season 12?
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Gwen most recently gushed over Blake during an interview with Entertainment Tonight earlier this month, defending her flirting with Shelton amid a whole lot of discussion from fans over whether or not Stefani and Shelton should have put their romance on display on The Voice.

“The show is so real. All it is is us just being there and being us. So, it’s been really fun,” Gwen said of sitting alongside Blake once again as well as their fellow co-coaches Adam Levine and Alicia Keys.

“I feel like when we were coming back this season, I was a little nervous. I was like, ‘This is going to be weird!'” Stefani continued of heading back to The Voice with Shelton after sitting out two seasons, but admitted to the site that “any time I can be around Blake is a blessing.”

What do you think? Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton helping The Voice through their on-set flirting or is their very public relationship turning viewers off?

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