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Animal Adventure Park Update: ‘Increased Calf Activity’ As Oliver Smooches April

A recent Animal Adventure Park update reveals “increased calf activity” as of March 26 after April the Giraffe’s baby suddenly turned quiet for at least a couple of hours.

According to the official Facebook page of the AAP, our beloved pregnant giraffe, who has become an online sensation for her pregnancy, experienced higher calf activity for the past several hours since the evening of March 25 until earlier today.

April’s appetite also gained momentum today as well as her overall “demeanor” as her calf may or may not be coming out this week. According to reports, caretakers were unable to determine her due date since they were not able to know the date of conception.

But while there seem to be nothing out of the ordinary happening to the APP’s pregnant giraffe, park keepers were able to capture a special moment between her and her mate, Oliver, and shared it as an Animal Adventure Park update on Facebook.

First seen on, the image shows the male giraffe sneaking in a kiss to his mate as April steals his hay. According to some observers who commented on the Facebook post, Oliver had been acting strangely in the past couple of hours, something that resulted in a more adorable reaction from April.

“Oliver was in rare form tonight prancing and dancing around! I think he wanted April’s attention and she was doing a great job of ignoring him! He was just too funny! He even tried pawing out how much he loved her and she still ignored him lol!” follower Nancy Gartner wrote.

Since giraffes are animals that under the prey family, they are used to concealing any sign of discomfort or pain in order to avoid getting attention from predators that are out to hunt them and their offspring.

Could it be possible that what humans thought to be a sign of affection was actually Oliver reacting to April’s labor pain? Come to think of it, April has had a quiet day, which might be a sign that the calf will be out soon. In fact, an Inquisitr report covering Animal Adventure Park updates on the sensational giraffe pointed out that this might be the “calm before the storm.”

It is possible, though, experts from the park weren’t particularly worried that April’s calf will be out anytime today as an Animal Adventure Park update noted that she might go into labor to deliver the park’s first giraffe calf in a week’s time.

Currently, Oliver, April, and the other giraffes in the park will remain inside as the yard was frozen because of cool rain and wind over the weekend.

April the Giraffe become an internet sensation after the AAP finally discovered her pregnancy after she successfully kept her first three pregnancies secret. Animal Adventure Park updates about her came day-by-day ever since.

Although the park staff and animal experts still haven’t figured out her due date yet, APP’s vet continues to monitor April’s teat, as it is one indicator signaling the upcoming birth of her fourth calf—the first that has been monitored both by park employees and the world.

One more sign that experts look for when the mommy giraffe is already in labor are the wax caps. If they fall off from the mother giraffe’s teat, it means her body is preparing to nurse a newborn calf.

After feeling the contraction, April will instinctively lift her tail and stretch out her neck. Like humans, water breaks is also a sign that a giraffe is going into labor.

Watch out for these signs via the live feed above and stay tuned for more Animal Adventure park updates about April the Giraffe.

[Featured Image by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images]