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Rihanna Siding With Remy Ma Amid Alleged Nicki Minaj Feud? The Truth

Rihanna is reportedly interested in working with Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj on a song together.

According to Hollywood Life, the “Diamonds” singer is a huge fan of both female rapper and can’t stand the fact that they are both feuding over who is a better lyricist. It’s quite sad for Rihanna to see two women who she truly respects go at it with one another.

Rihanna has said that she could definitely see herself working with Remy in the future, but it goes without saying that if Rihanna was to collaborate with the “All The Way Up” hitmaker, Nicki would certainly feel some type of way about it.

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At this given point, Rihanna refuses to take sides in the ongoing feud between both rappers, simply because she respects them the same amount. Nobody has been able to drop such an intense diss track like Remy with the unexpected release of “Shether,” in February.

With that said, Rihanna has known Nicki Minaj for such a long time. The two even collaborated on multiple songs together back in 2010, so there’s a reason why Rihanna wouldn’t feel comfortable standing by one female rapper’s side while ditching the other.

Rihanna has never been known to entertain public feuds in the form of diss tracks but she couldn’t contain her excitement upon hearing “Shether,” a source revealed. For the hip-hop culture, it was exactly what fans had needed and Remy certainly brought just that to the table.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the “Man Down” songstress would want to see the feud escalate any further than it already has, the source adds.

“Rihanna loves Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj equally. Both of those divas had to fight to get to this stage. Remy was locked down but still kept her pen on the paper writing vicious lyrics. Nicki works harder than anyone in the biz and doesn’t turn anything down but her collar. She’s quick to jump in the studio or on a plane to headline a show — she’s bomb. Rihanna respects both of them and absolutely would collaborate with either one of them in the future.”

Hollywood Life concludes by stressing that, “The last thing Rihanna wants or needs in her life is a feud with anyone, especially Nicki. She loves Nicki and thinks she’s fierce bi**h just like her who doesn’t take sh** from anyone.”

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Rihanna’s supposed decision in not wanting to involve herself in Nicki’s feud with Remy Ma comes just weeks after reports claimed that the 29-year-old had unfollowed Minaj on Instagram. It was even stranger for fans to then see that Remy was still being followed by Rih-Rih, which certainly raised some eyebrows, alluding that Rihanna had sided with the mother-of-two in the feud.

Rihanna hasn’t explained her reasons for unfollowing Nicki Minaj just yet, but fans were quick to note that when Rihanna unfollows somebody from social media, there’s usually a reason behind her decision in doing so.

Back in December, NY Mag revealed how Rihanna instantly unfollowed Jennifer Lopez when she had learned about the news that her ex-boyfriend Drake was dating the bootylicious entertainer.

Rihanna was said to have been upset about their romance because she had considered JLo a friend who had not even bothered to give her the heads up before the story broke, which instantly resulted in Lopez being unfollowed from all of Rihanna’s accounts.

So what happened between Nicki and Rihanna for the singer to suddenly unfollow Minaj?

Do you think her decision to unfollow Nicki Minaj was an accident or is there more to the story than fans are aware of?

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