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Animal Adventure Park Update: Calf Activity In April, The Giraffe, Increases

Animal Adventure Park released an evening update on April, the giraffe, for Sunday, March 26. After informing followers that April’s unborn calf was “quiet” this morning, there was increased activity by evening.

According to the update by Animal Adventure Park, April is continuing with a strong appetite and good demeanor. In previous updates, the 15-year-old giraffe has had “moody” and “cranky” moments, as expected with any pregnant animal that’s as far along as April is.

“Keeper report is increased calf activity in comparison to this morning and last evening. All other development is as previously reported. Appetite is strong and demeanor is good.”

Tomorrow, the staff will work more to thaw out the yard so the giraffes can venture outside. Today it was windy and wet, so April and Oliver remained inside. Animal Adventure Park revealed in its morning update that there was still snow in the yard as well and they were waiting for it to thaw a bit more before the animals were let out.

April still hasn’t signaled that she’s in labor and no one will know she’s about to give birth right up to the time either her water breaks or a hoof is sticking out of her back end. Since giraffes are prey animals, they’re masters at hiding any pain or discomfort so predators don’t target them or their newborns.

The morning update on Sunday had caretakers saying that since the calf was “quiet,” it was the calm before the storm. Will April, the giraffe, have her baby this week? Everyone wants to know when she’s due, but there’s no way of telling since her date of conception is unknown.

When April’s baby giraffe is born, it will weigh around 150 pounds and measure up to 6-feet-tall. As Animal Adventure Park’s Jordan Patch said in an interview, April’s neck alone is 6-feet-long.

Gestation for giraffes is 15 months and April has been pregnant since 2015. This is her fourth pregnancy and Oliver’s first calf.

Animal Adventure Park also revealed in the morning update that April had noticeable bulging on her left side. Her wax caps are still on, which means active labor is still to come.

Once April begins giving birth, it can take 30 to 60 minutes for the baby to be delivered once the hooves are seen. The baby giraffe will be on his or feet 30 to 60 minutes after being born. Babies stay with their mothers six to 10 months or more. After April’s baby is weaned, the youngster will be transferred to another facility to be part of a breeding program.

What will Animal Adventure Park name the new addition? It’s unknown, but a contest will be held for people to vote on a name they want for the giraffe. The details aren’t ironed out yet, but soon the park will unveil their plan. Patch said in a Toys ‘R’ Us interview the goal is to raise money with votes. For instance, $1 will buy one vote and $100 will buy 100 votes. The money will go to giraffe conservation, care of the giraffes at Animal Adventure Park, and other charitable causes the owners are known to support.

It’s already been determined that Geoffrey won’t be a name for April and Oliver’s calf. Geoffrey the Giraffe of Toys ‘R’ Us is already a big star and the new baby at Animal Adventure Park will be just as famous. In that case, it’s best to find an even more unique name for the calf.

Will April have her baby giraffe this week? Share your predictions below.

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