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Three-Legged Bear Killed, Angry Activists Decry Animal’s Death

three legged bear killed

A three-legged bear killed by angry homeowners in August has upset some residents of the upscale housing community the beast called home in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a debate over how to handle “nuisance bears” is raging after the animal’s death.

The three-legged bear was described as a skinny and playful creature, almost Yogi Bear like in its habit of breaking into homes to steal pies and, we assume, pic-a-nic baskets. The animal was known to raid trash cans and chill on the golf course, and residents in Mountain Air, about 35 miles north of Asheville, got to the end of their rope in August and shot the poor black bear dead before he could be saved.

The three-legged bear had a group of supporters, all of whom had tried to find sanctuary for the animal before he was put down for his crimes. And now they are speaking out about what they say is a bad public policy regarding nuisance bears, recommending the way the annoyance is treated by revised to protect the animals after the black bear’s death.

Millie Bowling told ABC that the three-legged bear killed was part of a larger allowance to kill bears with impunity, one she says is terrible:

“When it comes to nuisance bears, the state’s policy is simple: shoot them … And that’s just wrong. That needs to change.”

Leslie Hayhurst runs a local animal sanctuary, and concurs:

“The idea of shooting bears should be an absolute last resort.”

But David Cobb, of the Division of Wildlife Management, defended the practice and said the three-legged bear was killed because he was a menace to the community:

“This was an animal that had caused damage to property multiple times, and the property owners decided they were going to address that issue. And they did.”

The three-legged bear killed was part of a growing population of black bears in the North Carolina mountains.

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21 Responses to “Three-Legged Bear Killed, Angry Activists Decry Animal’s Death”

  1. Anonymous

    And what damage did the homeowners in the area do to the bears home by putting up their house? Should the homeowners be shot too? I'd prefer that if they are stupid enough to leave their garbage out where the bear can get it when they live in bear country..

  2. Anonymous

    The reason it was raiding trash cans and breaking into homes was because it was not able to manage like a bear at full capacity. There was no mention of other bears being a problem, because they are capable of managing themselves in the wild. If the activists wanted to 'save' the bear, they should have acted immediately. Why wait until it starts taking pets or even a child playing in a yard, which could very easily have happened. There are no Yogi bears, period. This is why the state allows the taking of nuisance bears as it does. The activists should blame themselves for the bear's demise.

  3. Cassandra Mosley

    sooo we go into their habitat ( house) and DESTROY it. take over the land and then shoot them for coming back? Don't get me wrong, I"m all for progression, however, when you kill an animal for being an animal and finding its own resources after you kick them out, Its just wrong.

  4. Christina Lalama

    Gee, do they shoot nuisance neighbors, too? Children that make too much noise? Neighbors who party too late? Poor little bear probably felt safe eating their garbage because he couldn't defend himself in the wild.

  5. Lynn Gregory

    My family has killed 6 bears this year , they are very tasty. I hope they didn't waste the meat.

  6. Cassandra Mosley

    Hey thanks for calling me a dumbass. I never said where I live isnt doing the same thing. We have deer that come through our yard everyday, Wild turkeys that yell at us all the time this time of year and yep I have rats and raccoons that tend to get in to the garbage. What I was implying was that we should take better considerations of the animals homes we destroy when building new homes, businesses and communities. With all of the technology and knowledge we have regarding animals today there should be some sort of program that relocates these animals. Stop being a dick, the holiday season just started!

  7. Marie Escamilla

    This makes me furious! First we take their land, build on it and THEN get upset when they try to find food in this completely distroyed home environment of theirs? HUMANS can be such a disgrace! GGGGRRR!

  8. Mark Warner

    em1415…Well that is just stupid. So should all 200,000,000+ Americans live on Plymouth Rock so we can preserve the rest of the country for wildlife?

  9. Dominick Giannone

    don't help it! it's hungry and can't find food and that makes you angry so shoot it.
    rotten M.F'n people and their damn guns! it would have been just as easy to HELP it instead of shoot it! he should be charged!

  10. Mike Lynd

    Wow, alot of Animal friendly people… Have you ever had a mouse (also an animal) issue in your house… did you trap it or put out poison packs? Oh.. and the bear, look at the size of it. It is obviously young. The chances that the community was built on its home is unlikely… it moved into the community because with 3 legs… it would not survive in the wild. You all would probably be the ones trying to pet it… because its "so cute and furry"… dumbasses

  11. Anonymous

    Mark Warner you are really reflecting stupidity with your comment. em1416 states nothing reflecting the need to live on Plymouth Rock in order to protect wildlife. I always love less educated people who utilize extreme and ridiculous situations in an attempt to justify a point. What em1416 is stating is that, when homes were built in the area, a conflict with wildlife occurred which has to be reconciled and em1416 is stating that homeowners should take precautions. Maybe you did not understand the comment before replying.

  12. Rob Robbins

    Mark…please have something smart to say if you are going to post…when you say something stupid on the internet…millions of people know that you are a dumb fuck…

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