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Tom Cruise Feels ‘Persecuted’ Over Scientology Beliefs

Tom Cruise is adored by millions, but that doesn’t mean he’s safe from haters and he has plenty of those too. Cruise is especially cautious in public situations since coming out as a scientologist, because, as he shares, many are critical of the Church of Scientology and the people associated with that organization. Mr. Cruise has resisted speaking publicly about his Scientology affiliations, but he once shared that he has felt “persecuted” by those outside the church, who Scientologists refer to as “suppressive persons.” Tom even goes so far as to suggest that he fears for his own safety when out in public.

The news that Cruise has felt subjected to ridicule and scorn for his Scientology beliefs came as a part of a new book from Stephen Galloway, called Leading Lady, reports E! News. The book, a look into the life of Sherry Lansing, Paramount Pictures’ former CEO, dedicates one portion of its story to a time when Tom’s Scientology practices threatened to derail his promising acting career.

Tom Cruise, Scientology
A new book reveals how Tom Cruise’s career was almost ruined by Scientology. [Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

Problems arose for Cruise, when the then president of Paramount, John Goldwyn, was divorcing his wife, Colleen Camp, and fighting for custody of his daughter. Colleen was a Scientologist and, as Leah Remini has revealed in her new docuseries about Scientology, the religious organization does not allow its members to continue relationships with those outside the church. Members are compelled to disengage from family members outside of Scientology and this was the fear expressed by Goldwyn.

Mr. Goldwyn testified in court that he believed Scientology was “being applied to alienate the affection” of his daughter.

Camp, searching for a way to fight the insinuations made by Goldwyn, shared her divorce documents with Church of Scientology leaders. Among those privy to the situation was Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible actor did not take kindly to the charges he perceived Goldwyn to have made at his belief system.

“Tom got very upset because he thought I was launching a campaign against Scientology, and he felt I was persecuting him for his religion,” Goldwyn said.

“Tom was rabid about it and said, ‘It’s because of people like you that I have to ride in a bulletproof car and why I cannot practice my faith openly.'”

Ms. Lansing stepped in at this point to smooth the waters between Goldwyn and Cruise, who was one of Paramount’s most important assets at the time. She explained to Mr. Cruise that Goldwyn’s remarks weren’t meant as an assault on all of Scientology, but only in relation to his concern for his own daughter.

Tom took a breath and gave the situation a second look before intervening on Goldwyn’s behalf.

“‘Hold tight’ [and] within 24 hours we were done,” says the former Paramount president.

“Tom Cruise was responsible for bringing my divorce to a close. It is a great Hollywood story.”

Sources Debunk Rumors of a Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby Mission: Impossible 6 Romance

Vanessa Kirby, Tom Cruise
Sources say rumors of a romance between Vanessa Kirby and Tom Cruise are untrue. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

While Tom Cruise keeps his religious beliefs as private as possible, AOL reports that his personal life is the real focus of his fans, particularly as he’s about to start filming Mission: Impossible 6 with Vanessa Kirby as his leading lady. Rumors have been flourishing in respect to Cruise’s interest in Kirby as something more than just a fellow actor on the film.

While word continues to grow that Tom has eyed Vanessa as his next wife, sources close to Mr. Cruise insist that the rumors simply are not true.

While it has been shared that Cruise has been an admirer of Vanessa Kirby, since the release of The Crown (2016), the source points out that filming on Mission: Impossible 6 hasn’t even begun. Mission: Impossible 6 will begin a Paris shooting schedule next month.

Christopher McQuarrie, who will direct Mission: Impossible 6, says the next installment will start differently and will have a slow burn at the beginning of the film, instead of sending Tom Cruise immediately into action.

“I’ve seen five of these movies and I don’t know who Ethan Hunt is. One movie sort of dealt with his personal life; the other movies are about people speculating what’s really going on in Ethan’s head. I want to know who Ethan is in this movie, I want an emotional journey for this character, and Tom really embraced it,” says McQuarrie.

Mission: Impossible 6, starring Tom Cruise and Vanessa Kirby is scheduled for a July 27, 2018 theatrical release.

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