'The Walking Dead' EP Scott Gimple Breaks Down Maggie, Daryl And Eugene’s Fate

‘The Walking Dead’ EP Scott Gimple Breaks Down Maggie, Daryl And Eugene’s Fate

The Walking Dead executive producer and showrunner Scott Gimple has finally weighed in on the relationship between Maggie and Daryl, and how he is grooming Eugene for the rest of series. Although some of his answers seem to be the most logical way to move forward, he may surprise you with the rest.

First of all, the relationship between Maggie and Daryl, as seen on the last episode of The Walking Dead, is not really strained at all. There was much speculation that Maggie was going to blame Daryl for getting Glenn killed, but as we last saw that is not the case at all.

When Scott Gimple spoke with Variety about The Walking Dead characters, he gave us some special insight into how he envisioned them from the start of Season 7 as well as what he sees for their future.

“It’s somewhat a matter of getting to the end of the season, things coming to a close in a lot of ways,” Scott Gimple told Variety. “And that was something that had been hanging there between these characters, which was this distance based on Daryl’s shame. What Maggie does for him is one of the most beautiful things, to tell him that it’s okay, to release him from this guilt. It’s so important, and, I hope, so beautiful.”

Scott Gimple also reminded us that way back in Season 2 of The Walking Dead, Maggie had quite a different personality and was much less forgiving than she is now. Fans of The Walking Dead may remember when she and Glenn risked their lives to make a run into town to get Lori Grimes a pregnancy test. Although that was also the first time that Maggie and Glenn had made a romantic connection, that was also her first encounter with the walkers and she nearly got killed. But when she got back to the farm and handed Lori the pregnancy test, she also yelled at her and used some choice language.

But now that we are in Season 7 of The Walking Dead, Maggie is a much different person and her leadership skills have come out in full force. She is the most likely person to take over at the Hilltop, replacing Gregory. She is also finding that in the world of The Walking Dead, there are better and more efficient ways to achieve your goals.

“Inasmuch as that she offered Daryl this very beautiful thing of forgiveness — I don’t think she ever thought of it as something to blame him, for so forgiveness is a little weird — it’s also just showing, as a character, who she is now and who she’s become,” Scott Gimple said. “That was exciting, seeing this [Walking Dead] character who had been a little harder on people or angrier sometimes winding up in a place of peace. Not zen peace — it’s all in service of her wanting to win this battle and set the world right, she wants some people wiped from the face of the earth. So that’s not zen. But she’s being a leader about it. And she’s cool about it. It’s not a showy kind of strength. It’s getting the job done. Lauren Cohan, she’s formidable.”

But when asked if he thinks that Eugene became a traitor on the last episode of The Walking Dead, he did not quite see it that way. As a matter of fact, he saw it completely the opposite of being a traitor, but rather as a character who is being “pragmatic” to his situation, given that his only real power and contribution at this point in The Walking Dead is his gifted mind.

“The most important thing for Eugene, and it’s difficult to argue this point, is being alive — is safety. And he’s found safety in the Sanctuary,” Scott Gimple said.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC and has one episode left before the finale.

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